Daily Top Five: Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson Blue Ridge Mountain SongSince he’s back with a new single today, let’s make today’s top five all about Alan Jackson.

What are your favorite albums and tracks from this guy who should already be in the Country Music Hall of Fame?

Here are my picks:


  1. Like Red on a Rose
  2. Who I Am
  3. The Bluegrass Album
  4. Everything I Love
  5. Thirty Miles West


  1. So You Don’t Have to Love Me Anymore
  2. Blue Ridge Mountain Song
  3. Monday Morning Church
  4. Gone Country
  5. Drive (For Daddy Gene)


  1. He’s a living legend. Next to George Strait he’s my second favorite artist of all time, of any genre.

    1. Monday Morning Church
    2. Drive
    3. Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning
    4. Gone Country
    5. Gone Crazy

    1. What I Do
    2. Drive
    3. Thirty Miles West
    4. When Somebody Loves You
    5. Freight Train

    And a bonus, 5 album cuts
    1. Rainy Day in June
    2. You Don’t Have to Paint Me a Picture
    3. Taillights Blue
    4. I Still Love You
    5. A Love Like That

  2. I’ll just stick to songs:

    1. Tonight I Climbed the Wall
    2. The Blues Man
    3. Like Red on a Rose
    4. Between the Devil and Me
    5. Song for the Life

  3. Albums:
    1) Precious Memories
    2) Here In The Real World
    3) Drive
    4) A Lot About Livin’ (And a Little ‘Bout Love)
    5) Don’t Rock the Jukebox

    1) Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)
    2) That’d Be Alright
    3) Here In The Real World
    4) Chattahoochie
    5) Don’t Rock The Jukebox

  4. I’ll limit my comments to AJ songs since the only albums I have are Greatest Hits.
    1. Gone Country
    2. Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning
    3. Here in the Real World
    4. Little Man
    5. Remember When

  5. Albums:
    1. Who I Am
    2. Precious Memories
    3. Under the Influence
    4. High Mileage
    5. A Lot About Livin’ (And A Little ‘Bout Love)

    (Top 5, but not in specific order, since they constantly change.)
    1. The Blues Man
    2. Burnin’ the Honky Tonks Down
    3. Midnight in Montgomery
    4. Who Says You Can’t Have It All
    5. Remember When

  6. Albums:

    1) Drive
    2) Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (the very first AJ album I bought)
    3) A Lot About Livin’
    4) Who I Am
    5) Everything I Love


    1) Gone Country
    2) Chattahoochee
    3) Don’t Rock The Jukebox
    4) The Sounds
    5) Who’s Cheatin’ Who

  7. We play 50 Alan Jackson singles here, so it’s hard to call five our favorites.
    Same goes for Albums, although (much like George Strait) his band and voice were stronger on the early releases:
    1. Here In the Real World
    2. Don’t Rock the JukeBox
    3. A Lot About Livin’
    So his best was when he decided to step out and dedicate an album to his mama:
    4. Precious Memories (and PM2 for that matter)
    …and when he decided to own the song “Holly Jolly Christmas” on the “Home Alone” movie. His Christmas album is required play every year.

  8. Albums (no particular order):
    1. What I Do
    2. When Somebody Loves You
    3. The Greatest Hits Collection

    1. Gone Country
    2. Dallas
    3. Home
    4. I’ll Try
    5. Love’s Got A Hold On You

  9. Albums
    Who I Am
    Under the Influence
    Don’t Rock the Jukebox
    What I Do

    — “Midnight in Montgomery”
    — “Gone Country”
    — “Drive (For Daddy Gene)”
    — “Monday Morning Church”
    — “Little Man”

    Album Cuts
    — “Designated Drinker”
    — “Kiss An Angel Good Morning”
    — “Thank God For the Radio”
    — “You Don’t Have To Paint Me A Picture”
    — “Walkin’ the Floor Over Me”

  10. Albums
    1. Here In the Real World
    2. Don’t Rock the Jukebox
    3. A Lot About Livin’
    4. Under the Influence
    5. The Bluegrass Album

    1. Don’t Rock The Jukebox
    2. Wanted
    3. Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow
    4. Home
    5. Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)

  11. Albums
    1. Who i am
    2. Don’t rock the jukebox
    3. Here in the real world
    4. Drive
    5. When somebody loves you

    1. Gone country
    2. Someday
    3. Who say’s you can’t have it all
    4. Drive
    5. Here in the real world

    Bonus song just playin possum

  12. Albums:
    1. Don’t Rock The Jukebox
    2. Who I Am
    3. A Lot About Living (And a Little ‘Bout Love
    4. Here In The Real World
    5. Everything I Love

    1. Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow
    2. Midnight In Montgomery
    3. Song For The Life
    4. Here In The Real World
    5. Buicks To The Moon

  13. Wow only 5 is going to be tough but here goes, and yes I am leaving off some really good songs. No particluar order,e xcept #1. Singles only.

    1. “Where were you When….”
    2. Livin on Love
    3. Drive (For Daddy Gene)
    4. Chasin that Neon Rainbow
    5. Someday

  14. Without a doubt, Alan Jackson ranks as one of the all-time greats in the country music genre. His eventual entry into the Country Music Hall of Fame can be assured. Though oddly not enamored with many of his more up-tempo’d hits (Chattahoochee, Don’t Rock the Jukebox, I Don’t Even Know Her Name, Summertime Blues, Mercury Blues, etc., etc.), I hold such admiration for this artist — his overall body of work and his integrity — that it’s nearly impossible to narrow my list of Alan Jackson favorites down to five. With that said, here are five that I’ll never tire of hearing:

    — Here In The Real World
    — Wanted
    — (Who Says) You Can’t Have It all
    — Someday
    — The Blues Man

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