1. I always thought the word “country” meant dirt roads, beer, daisy dukes, corn fields, and skinny dipping. Now, it apparently means burning clothes in a barrel, posting nude photos, and “going Carrie Underwood on your truck” after a lover is scorned/angry. Give Austin Webb some credit for defining “country” with different ridiculous cliches, rather than the commonly used ones.

    Seriously, I heard this song over 20 years ago when Blackhawk did it as “Goodbye Says It All”. That song was kind of clever, and stood out from the other singles that were out at the time due to it’s melody and Blackhawk’s harmonies. “All Country On You” sounds completely indistinguishable from everything else that’s currently out on radio, and lyrically is a bore. Can’t disagree with the grade on this one.

  2. Maybe a D+ ??

    By modern country standards it isn’t all that terrible. I wouldn’t go out of my to listen to this song, but neither would it have me changing radio stations, either.

  3. Short review, amirite?

    Seriously though, it is not a half-bad song with a fun concept. I would give it a B- to a C+.

  4. 44 seconds was all I was willing to take of that. And all the while I was thinking, “were it not for the lyrics, this would fit right into that mashup of bro-country songs that was making the rounds a while back…”

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