Single Review: James Otto, “Somewhere Tonight”

“Somewhere Tonight”
James Otto
Written by Patrick Russell Davis, Corey Crowder and James Slater

James Otto’s name and voice will likely be familiar to anyone who was listening to country radio in the latter half of 2007, but hearing his new single “Somewhere Tonight”, one wouldn’t even know that it was the same artist who once rode the airwaves with the soulful, organic “Just Got Started Lovin’ You.”

Otto’s deep, rich voice is buried in a bass-driven production so generic that it sounds like a karaoke track, with only a gratuitous banjo line distinguishing it as country. But the bigger disappointment is the hollow, clichéd lyrics, in which mundane repetitions of the song’s title combined with “Wa-oh-oh-oh” refrains weakly attempt to pass for a hook.

For an artist who’s shown such potential in the past, it’s disheartening to see him offering a new single which so clearly aspires to be nothing more than radio filler. But even if “Somewhere Tonight” becomes Otto’s first big hit since “Just Got Started Lovin’ You”, it’s doubtful that we’ll still be talking about it eight years from now.

Grade: C

But since we’re all here, we might as well enjoy the same title used on a much better song.


  1. You’re right. Lyrics and production are very disappointing. What a waste of a great voice. I saw him 3 years ago and I’ve been looking forward to a new album from him. If the rest of the material is anything like this forgettable fluff, I won’t be buying. I think his best album so far has been “Sunset Man”.

  2. I love James SO much and I can’t wait to hear more of his awesome singing!!! (smiles)

    God bless you and him always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

  3. I always liked Paulette Carlson’s voice. It’s a shame she didn’t have a bigger, brighter career. As for this Otto song using the same title, you can throw it in the trash bin of country music history.

  4. Since it is being addressed that this song from James isn’t the only song in country music named “Somewhere Tonight”, there are two other songs in country music that have the same. Reba McEntire and John Michael Montgomery both have songs named “How Was I To Know?” and what makes their story stand alone is the fact that they released their songs to radio around the same time. (smiles)

    God bless you and John Michael and Reba and James always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

  5. Whoever listed the writers of this song forgot to include James. Him and those who were named wrote it together! (smiles)

    God bless you and them and James always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

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