Single Review: LoCash, “I Know Somebody”

“I Know Somebody”

Written by Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman, and Jeremy Stover

It’s hard not to feel sorry for LoCash.

They toiled in obscurity for a dozen years, only to find mainstream success with material that the boy bands of the late nineties would’ve rejected as too condescending for their target audiences. “I Know Somebody” could’ve done alright by one of the long forgotten C-listers like O-Town, smiling into the camera as they sang hopelessly juvenile lines such as, “I know somebody that’s lost all in your smile. That can love you like a song on the radio dial.”

There’s no way grown men allegedly appealing to a country music audience can sing those words and still preserve their dignity. I hope LoCash doesn’t go any lower than this.

Grade: D


  1. Well, LoCash’s Chris Lucas has been quoted as saying that bro-country “has changed country music for the better,” and he talked about Hank Jr.’s “There’s A Tear In My Beer” as an early example of bro-country, and Preston Brust was one of the masterminds behind “Truck Yeah,” so this is probably the best that can be expected.

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