Single Review: Jason Aldean, “A Little More Summertime”

“A Little More Summertime”
Jason Aldean

Written by Jerry Flowers, Tony Martin, and Wendell Mobley

The imagery used in “A Little More Summertime” is reliably effective. The changing of seasons from summer to fall to symbolize the end of a relationship is very dependable in that regard.

I think back to great singles like Kenny Chesney’s “Anything But Mine” and Keith Urban’s “‘Til Summer Comes Around,” both of which used the same themes and imagery with powerful results. They remind me that in music, it isn’t just the idea that matters. It’s also the execution of that idea.

“A Little More Summertime” falls well short of those singles because the imagery is just a little too vague, the vocal a little too bland, and the production a little too mundane. Either the songwriters forgot to include a melody or Aldean couldn’t find his way to it.

It’s a shame because the song had potential, and Aldean recording anything at this point that isn’t a party anthem is appreciated. But a mediocre record is a mediocre record.

Grade: C



  1. I so agree with you about this song! First time I heard it I was like, man that’s terrible. This kind of song does not suit him or his deep nasally voice. I will never figure out his greatness and popularity.

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