Album Review: The Cactus Blossoms, You’re Dreaming

The Cactus Blossoms
You’re Dreaming


If singers who adopt a 1980s/’90s sound are considered “retro”, then where does that leave The Cactus Blossoms, who have more in common with the brother acts of the 1950s and ‘60s?

Brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkum nail the sibling harmonies that made legends out of The Everlys, the Louvins and others. The lead track, “Stoplight Kisses,” abounds with the youthful energy and innocence of the early days of rock & roll.

The Blossoms, who produced the album with JD McPherson, do an admirable job of replicating a throwback sound without coming across as cheesy or dated. The title track could be a lost Buddy Holly ballad, but “Change Your Ways or Die” and “Adios Maria” add a bit more of a contemporary sound.

Aside from one choice cover — a traditional take on “No More Crying the Blues” by rockabilly duo Alton & Jimmy — the songs on You’re Dreaming could have been hits 60 years ago and are worth hearing today.

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