Single Review: Rascal Flatts, “Yours If You Want It”

“Yours If You Want It”
Rascal Flatts

Written by Andrew Dorff and Jonathan Singleton

So many words. Too many words.

“Yours If You Want It” makes the fatal error of mistaking quantity for quality. The song is built around the conceit that the guy will give the girl everything she wants, if she wants it, but doesn’t trust enough in any one example of what he’s willing to give being strong enough to make the point.

Instead, we get a rapid fire list of different examples – everything from the last sip in bottle of wine to the blades of grass under their feet. By forcing so many words into one song, the melody is sacrificed to the point where it doesn’t exist.

Lead singer Gary LeVox tries to compensate for this by reaching for a note that is awkwardly high at the end of the chorus, starting with the second time he sings it. It reminded me of the cruel older sibling who plays keep away with something the little sibling wants. When they jump for it, the older one lifts it just a little bit higher, and they younger one returns to the ground empty handed.

Grade: D


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