Single Review: Keith Urban with P!nk, “One Too Many”

“One Too Many”

Keith Urban with P!nk

Written by Daniel Davidsen, Mitch Hansen, Alecia Moore (P!nk), James Norton, Cleo Tighe, Keith Urban, and Peter Wallevik

You’ve heard this song before, but at least they sing it well.

Keith Urban is still one of country music’s most compelling vocalists, and he’s joined by one of pop’s very best singers.  P!nk’s vocal here will probably be the best one from a female artist that makes it into heavy rotation at country radio this year.

They sound so great together that the pedestrian lyrics and familiar melody aren’t enough to hold them back.  It’s nice to hear a drinking song again that’s about drowning your sorrows instead of celebrating a good time, and I love the detail about being at a bar but spending the whole time lost in your phone.   Beyond that particular detail, there’s nothing new here.   It’s just a song about two lonely people getting just drunk enough to express their true feelings.

But that’s enough to make it a worthwhile listen, especially when the singers can deliver performances like this.

Grade: B



  1. The song is nothing special, but they do sing it well. I still don’t think that this qualifies as “country music” but there are worse songs currently being played on country radio

  2. Pink has SUCH a great voice but much of her music veers into the ‘songs you hear at the grocery store’ category. I surprisingly liked her song with Kenny Chesney and unsurprisingly liked her song with Chris Stapleton. Maybe I’ll give this one a listen. It WOULD be nice to hear her on an *actual* country song though.

  3. Bob, P!nk is one of my favorite pop stars and I hope to see her live at some point. I appreciated your comments on the Morris and Shires reviews today too… very nicely said!

  4. @Michael A – Seeing your Chicks comment re RS albums reminded me of your comments re Morris & Shires which I never thanked you for. My Bad. Thanks.
    I wondered how I totally missed hearing about Pinks “Dear Mr. President”. Then I read in wiki that it was
    released as a single in December 2006 and became a hit in continental Europe and Australia.

  5. No worries, Bob. This site has a really great community of writers and commenters. I had forgotten about that P!nk song. Demi Lovato released a similar (I think) song last week for the Trump era but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.

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