Single Review: Blake Shelton, “Bible Verses”

“Bible Verses”

Blake Shelton

Written by Joe Fox, Andrew Peebles, and Brett Sheroky

Blake Shelton released a new single, “Bible Verses,” on April 22nd. It will be on his next album, Body Language, coming out May 21st. 

“Bible Verses” starts out with just a guitar. It starts out talking about how he isn’t perfect, but he keeps trying. He reads his Bible sometimes, but he doesn’t measure up to the contents.

The chorus is strong and relatable. “I just want it to read like Bible verses, not the Bible versus me.”

He then goes into the state of his life: he’s depressed, drunk, and he feels like God isn’t there. He wants to feel better, but he’s having a hard time and can’t seem to find the faith he needs to make it through. He clings to the hope that maybe someday he can read his Bible and feel God’s presence again.

The song is relatable for those of us who have been or are currently in a crisis of faith.  Blake sounds like he really resonates with the words, and if you like traditional country, you’ll probably like this song, too.

Grade: A



  1. Wow ! I didn’t think Shelton still had it in him to produce something this introspective and meaningful. If the rest of the album is this good, I will purchase my first Blake Shelton album since 2013

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