Every #1 Single of the Nineties: Faith Hill, “Take Me As I Am”

“Take Me As I Am”

Faith Hill

Written by Bob DiPiero and Karen Staley

Radio & Records

#1 (3 weeks)

December 16 – December 30, 1994

1994 ends like it began, with Faith Hill at No. 1.

The Road to No. 1

Faith Hill had the first Billboard No. 1 hit of 1994 with her debut single, “Wild One.”  Then “Piece of My Heart,” her second single, topped both the Billboard and Radio & Records charts.  A third single, “But I Will,” missed the top thirty, but Faith finished out 1994 with the year’s last No. 1 single on the R&R chart.

The No. 1

There was a serious debate among Warner Bros. Nashville leadership on what should be Faith Hill’s first single: “Wild One” or “Take Me As I Am.”

For introducing a young new female artist, “Wild One” was probably the right choice.  But as an introduction to who Faith Hill would be as an artist, “Take Me As I Am” is a more representative introduction.

Although her vocals were clearly influenced by Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton, Faith Hill was unmistakably a nineties female country artist, with an independent streak and high standards for any man looking to be in a long-term relationship with her:

“I don’t need a bed of roses, ’cause roses wither away.  All I really need is honesty, from someone with a strong heart, a gentle hand, to take me as I am.”

That self-certainty would remain with her as she matured as an artist.  “Take Me As I Am” is a great reminder of how much of it was already there from the beginning.

The Road From No. 1

Hill would resurface in 1995 with her second album, It Matters to Me.  After the lead single “Let’s Go to Vegas” went top five, she returned to the No. 1 spot with the album’s title track.  We’ll cover it in early 1996.

“Take Me As I Am” gets a B+.

Every No. 1 Single of the Nineties

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  1. This is personally one of my most favorite 90’s Faith Hill songs! A huge wave of mid 90’s nostalgia comes over me every time I hear this one. I really love her vocals on it throughout, especially when she sings “cause roses wither away..” in the chorus. I also love that “whoaaa!” she does after the instrumental break and before the final chorus. Speaking of the chorus, I’ve always been attracted to its very pretty melody, even as a kid in the mid 90’s. Not to mention, I just love how relatable the song’s overall sentiment is. Some great, memorable steel playing from Paul Franklin, as well!

    One of my earliest memories of hearing it is in 1995 when my step dad and I used to look in Montgomery Ward’s in the mall back then. We’d especially hang around the electronics section a lot, and I was usually watching the TV’s because they showed all kinds of music videos, including the video for this song. The parts with her laying down with all the roses around her are what I remember the most from it back then, and I always remembered it as that “I don’t need a bed of rooooses!” song :) The following year in 1996, I was lucky enough to record it on a tape from the radio, and it’s another one I’d listen to over and over again. :)

    Speaking of the video, it’s always been one of my favorites from the mid 90’s, as well, and it’s just so cute! I love the playfulness between Faith and the male actor, and I like how she just throws everything he gives her over her shoulder without a single care, lol. Also love it when he gives her the little piggy! (Thank goodness she didn’t throw that, lol)

    Besides this song and “Piece Of My Heart,” “Let’s Go To Vegas” is another one of my favorite Faith Hill songs that really brings back great memories of my renewed love for country in 1995. Wish that had been a number one, too!

  2. Before Faith Hill tried to cross over into pop near the turn of the century, I really liked her 90s output. This is no exception.

    • Her first two albums were excellent. Especially the second one. For me, the next two albums were a significant dip in quality, but I quite liked Cry and loved Fireflies. I can’t believe she hasn’t made a proper studio album in 17 years, given all six of her studio albums are multi-platinum.

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