Single Review: Kane Brown with Katelyn Brown, “Thank God”

“Thank God”

Kane Brown with Katelyn Brown

Written by Christian Davis, Kyle Fishman, Jaxson Free, Josh Hoge, and Jared Mullins

If there is one virtue that defines Kane Brown’s work, it’s a deep sense of gratitude.  He is deeply thankful for the blessings in his life, and the blessing that he celebrates most is his family.

That grateful spirit intersects with his greatest talent as a recording artist, which is choosing from the vast range of musical styles that he is fluent in, and choosing the right musical setting for each individual song.

When country spouses collaborate on love ballads, they tend to go big and theatrical.  Sometimes that works, if the song warrants it, but that’s the exception, not the rule.  That approach would’ve derailed “Thank God,” and Brown’s skillful musicality steered him in the opposite direction.

As written, “Thank God” is intimate and vulnerable.  It tells the story of unconditional love through little moments, like the way her hand fits perfectly in his and the quiet early morning hours when they get to wake up by each other’s side.  The production and performances reflect this, with light instrumentation that allows both singers to emote without having to project their voices over a busy backing track.

Kane Brown has been singing about Katelyn in heavenly terms for years now, so how fitting that her debut on record sounds so celestial.  Her vocal range is reminiscent of a young Dolly Parton, where you can hear an innocence on the surface that still suggests a formidable strength underneath.  Kane supports Katelyn beautifully, using his warmest tones to complement her delicate performance.  Katelyn emulates some of Kane’s signature phrasing in return, slipping in one of his extra “hey’s” in her spotlight verse, which might be my favorite moment of the entire record.

“Thank God” is a love song that feels like a sacrament, with a spirit of mutual respect and support permeates throughout.

Kane Brown continues to demonstrate the most artistic breadth and exponential growth of any mainstream country artist of his generation, and for all his compelling collaborators over the years, Katelyn is his best duet partner yet.

Grade: A



  1. I’m starting to warm to Kane’s music, in honesty after “What Ifs” most of his singles just became a little boring until “Like I Love Country Music”.

    That being said, I personally would have switched the ratings of the two duets posted yesterday.

  2. This is maybe my favorite thing of anything Kane Brown has ever put out. Subdued instrumentals fit him much better then the usual over produced radio friendly style of the majority of his material. Allows his voice, which is his biggest strength, to really come to the forefront.

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