Single Review: The Bellamy Brothers featuring K.T. Oslin, “I’d Lie to You For Your Love”

“I’d Lie to You For Your Love”

The Bellamy Brothers featuring K.T. Oslin

Written by Jeff Barry, David Bellamy, Howard Bellamy, and Frankie Miller

Back in 2006, The Bellamy Brothers revisited “I’d Lie to You For Your Love” as a duet with K.T. Oslin.  Earlier this year, they received permission from her estate to release this duet, and damn if it isn’t one of the best records released this year.

I just wrote about the original hit version of this, which is quite good.  But this is so much better in every way.  The song itself works perfectly as a duet, with Oslin cast as the receptor of the increasingly ridiculous lies the brothers pitch.

I never thought I’d hear Oslin’s voice again, so what a joy to hear her in all her splendor.  Oslin gives a sultry and witty performance in that conversational style she did so well.  On her classic records, she sounded like a close friend whispering deep truths over a cup of coffee.

That style translates perfectly into the barroom setting, where she’s both bemused and intrigued by the audacity of what she’s being told.  She’s got this guy’s number, but she’s enjoying the attention, and she’s willing to tell a few lies of her own to keep him interested.

It helps that the Brothers bring their A game as well.  Maybe it’s because this lyric works so well as a back-and-forth volley, but they just sound so much more engaged here than they do on the original record.

Like “Jolene” earlier this year, I find myself a bit overwhelmed by the unexpected return of a brilliant stylist who I never thought I’d hear sing again, with a duet that manages to showcase what made her such a compelling recording artist.  Just like there will never be another Olivia Newton-John, there will never be another K.T. Oslin.   You can’t fill shoes that were only made once.

What an unexpected gift to close out this year.

Grade: A

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  1. This version of the song is a great reminder of what a singular talent K.T. Oslin was as a vocal stylist, songwriter, and personality.

    She is country music’s shooting star; Nashville glowed when she entered its atmosphere.

    This duet also highlights how well the Bellamy Brothers have aged as singers. I absolutely love the tones and richness of their later harmonies.

    I had absolutely no idea this recording ever happened.

    Such a cool and fun opportunity to introduce a new generation of country fans to both artists.

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