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Lee Ann Womack, Call Me Crazy

October 19, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 28

Lee Ann Womack Call Me Crazy Few modern-day artists make country music hurt as good as Lee Ann Womack.  A master of the sorrowful song, she has assembled an almost painfully sad collection in Call

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Lee Ann Womack, “Last Call”

June 7, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 12

One of Lee Ann Womack’s greatest strengths as an artist is picking adult material that resonates with both traditional and alternative country music fans. Her new single, “Last Call”, is reminiscent of her now-classic hit

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My CMA Picks

November 14, 2005 Kevin John Coyne 0

I’m not even going to try to handicap this year’s CMA Awards. It’s been years since I’ve been able to intuitively call these races. But I will be happy to share my preference for each

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