Review: Trent Tomlinson, “Just Might Have Her Radio On”

Trent Tomlinson, “Just Might Have Her Radio On”

The opening fiddle grabbed my attention immediately, and I was hooked all the way through. The conceit isn’t new – the last Sugarland album had a similar “hey DJ, play a song to bring her back to me” song, and the theme dates back to at least “On the Radio.”   Still, Tomlinson sounds great delivering it and it’s as authentically country as anything you might actually hear on the radio these days.

Grade: B+

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6 Responses to Review: Trent Tomlinson, “Just Might Have Her Radio On”

  1. danielNo Gravatar

    this is the best song ever and ive had this happen to me i give it an a+

  2. mckaylaNo Gravatar

    i love it!!!

  3. Wing1No Gravatar

    I love this song! My favorite one now! Bt doesn’t do it justice Atttt all the way!

  4. RennieNo Gravatar


  5. HaileyNo Gravatar

    I love this song It was really the first one that turned me on to country music,, now i’m hooked!!!


  6. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I like how the XM radio version says “just might have her xm radio on.” A bunch of other songs with the word “radio” has the same thing.–Taylor Swift (“Tim McGraw”) Stephen Cochran (“Friday Night Fireside”)…:)

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