Review: Terri Clark, “Dirty Girl”

Terri Clark, “Dirty Girl”

Gotta say, as soon as I heard the opening guitar, I knew it was a Terri Clark record. There aren’t that many artists I can say that about.

That said, I remember hearing a few years ago that Trisha Yearwood had a single coming out called “Real Live Woman.” A promising title, it exceeded all my expectations.

This is pretty much the opposite. A promising title that leads to a stupid pun about her liking being a “dirty girl” that works on cars and plays in the mud. I’d have given her a free pass if it was her first or second album, but nothing pisses me off quite like a mature woman putting out kiddie records.

The sad thing is, the women who are making music worthy of their life experience – Patty Loveless, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Pam Tillis, Trisha Yearwood, Lee Ann Womack, Alison Krauss, Dixie Chicks, Kathy Mattea, Wynonna, Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin and the like – couldn’t get arrested at country radio. I guess you either have to be a kid or act like one to get the spins. I swear, all the progress made in the nineties has been undone and then some.

Now I’m all good and pissed off, and I’m not even going to pretend this is worthy of a higher grade, no matter how much I love Terri Clark. This is an insult to all the meaningful music she’s done before. Joe Galante strikes again.

Grade: F

Listen: Dirty Girl


  1. Is there any veteran mainstream radio artist making age-appropriate music right now? See Brooks and Dunn, “Hillbilly Deluxe,” everything Rascal Flatts has ever recorded, and other egregious examples. I echo your sentiment, Kevin, but if this song gets F than so do a lot of other recent singles.

  2. I grade a bit on a curve. This one got an F because it’s the new single from the same woman who recorded “No Fear”. She’s going backwards. If it was a Gretchen Wilson single, on the other hand, it might have scored a D.

  3. This isn’t very good but an F is pretty harsh – it’s on a par with most of the crap being played now, regardless of genre – I’d give it a C- od D+

  4. Although I do agree that “Hillbilly Deluxe” is one of the worst songs that Brooks and Dunn have put out, I disagree with the rank you set for Dirty Girl and especially with the expressed thoughts of Rascal Flatts. I believe Rascal Flatts are awsome and, like Toby Keith, express the fresh new sound of modern country that people need to learn to live with. There isn’t one Rascal Flatts song that wouldn’t get an A in my book especially because of their unique style and talent and their releasing of singles with different touches instead of consistant breakup song etc.

    As far as Terri’s single goes, I agree its far from her best, but not childish. It’s traditional to today’s music. I would give it a B- because I think it’s creative, but I do agree that it would be attractive to more of the younger country fans like myself than the older ones who have been listening to this stuff for a while. I think Terri is a great artist and I think she’s got awsome songs, however it being a B- in my book I do believe it won’t be a very successful comeback single.

  5. Ok Terri is my all time favorite artist ever, and this is one of her worst songs, I’ve been waiting since She Didn’t Have Time (one of my favorites), and I get Dirty Girl? I was hoping for something more like No Fear, Empty, She Didn’t Have Time or Three Mississippi. That being said I don’t think an F is the right rating, maybe something more like a D, I still hope it does well that way she can release some better material which I’m sure will be on the new album.

  6. I doubt this song will go far at all. It is not a great song. It has a few good spots but this song is a waste. Terri Clark could have done much better. I also noticed that alot of the 1990’s acts with exception to some have failed to keep bringing out hits. Terri Clark could be one if she keeps making songs like this. I give it a D+.

  7. You all are crazy if you think Hillbilly Delux is a bad song. It’s a fresh sound and the damn song went #1 on the billboard quick. It’s got a kickass drumline. Also, it shows off Ronnie’s voice (which is my biggest criticism of the new brooks and dunn songs). As far as this Terri Clark song. Your right on Kevin.. F is even too good of a grade to give this piece of crap song.

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