Terri Clark, “In My Next Life”

It’s not the embarrassing disaster that “Dirty Girl” was, but it’s not quite a return to form, either.    She’s already done this before with “I Wanna Do it All”, only now it’s a list of things she won’t do in her next life, rather than what she wants to do in this one.   There’s even a Mardi Gras reference again.   She’s better at being Gretchen Wilson than Gretchen Wilson is, so by that standard, she turns in a good performance.   Where the witty and insightful Terri Clark of days gone by has run off to is anybody’s guess.

Grade: B-

Listen: In My Next Life

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2 Responses to Terri Clark, “In My Next Life”

  1. Jordan StaceyNo Gravatar

    Yeah not her best but it’s great in cencert.

  2. fghshdNo Gravatar

    wats wrong wit u terri clark is amazing so leave her alone!!

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