Shooter Jennings, “Walk of Life”

Musically, this is great.  Entertaining to listen to because of a fantastic performance from the band, I’d be giving it an enthusiastic review if Jennings himself had shown the same energy and charm with his vocal performance.    With all due respect, this sounds like somebody singing Karaoke to early Steve Earle, not like the work of a professional singer.

Grade: C

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  1. i agree completely with you. the band makes this song great. Shooter is kinda boring. i turned on the original version by Dire Strait just to here a more entertaining vocal. I like what Shooter is bringing into country msuci, but he sings this song like hes got nothing left he has to prove when he really does.

  2. I reviewed this album for an Oklahoma newspaper and frankly, “The Wolf” is a dud. I expected a bit more from Shooter. Even the “Walk of Life” track is weak.

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