Joe Nichols, “It Ain’t No Crime”

I would’ve like a bit more edge to this, to bring more of the defiance in the lyric to the surface.  That said, Nichols does well enough delivering this country boy’s slacker anthem.  More people do mind to own their business, so it’s easy to sympathize with him here.

Written by Tony Martin, Mark Nesler & Tom Shapiro

Grade: B+

Listen:  It Ain’t No Crime

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  1. I think he should have put more emphasis on the lyrics outside of the chorus. It took me a few listens to actually get into it. Other than that its actually a pretty good song from him. A little different from the rest of his works which only adds to his diversity as an arist. Its, for lack of a better world, “cool”.

  2. BTW. Could Ol” Red just going away? It’s in rotation on GAC and it makes me want to GAG. I..and I like Joe Nichols.

  3. To the person who wondered if I’m a traditionalist, I should just admit that I’m not much of a Joe Nichols fan. I think his songs are pretty underwhelming, even though he’s considered a traditional country artist. I think this song is okay, but not really big on it. I can see myself getting sick of it after a few listens.

  4. I like Joe Nichols, his voice is very rich, and this is a pretty good song, but i am still waiting ot hear another song like the impossible or if nobody believed in you.

  5. I don’t know, I think he’s good at the more uptempo stuff, as long as the title is “What’s a Guy Gotta Do.”


  6. Yeah, I think What’s A Guy Gotta Do is the only song I really like from him. It seemed to have a little bit of energy.

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