James Otto, “Just Got Started Lovin’ You”

Equal parts Travis Tritt and Conway Twitty,  Otto’s latest single is a smooth but not sappy romantic ballad.   It’s a sound that Josh Turner had a heck of a lot of success with when he topped the charts with “Your Man”, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Otto finally gets some traction with this performance.   He’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, but he sounds comfortable and self-assured.

Written by Jim Femino, James Otto & David Williams

Grade: B

Listen:  Just Got Started Lovin’ You

Buy: Just Got Started Lovin’ You


  1. Actually I never really heard the Travis Tritt feel in the song until i read the review..I agree on that. Hopefully this will get James in the spotlight. I think hes, dare I say, the closest thing to country the Music Mafia’s new recruits have.

  2. Wow, he looks a lot like Travis Tritt in that picture, and I didn’t notice it until I read the review also. This is a good song and I hope this becomes a hit, he’s got good vocals and a good band too.

  3. I can see myself getting hooked on this one. It hasn’t quite reached Your Man status for me, but it’s good and I hear the comparison.

  4. I have been a fan of “The Otto Show” for a while now. Since I was sent a pre-release of his Mercury record. That Pre-release included a few non-released tracks (including a version of “Gone!” that Montgomery Gentry had a hit with). Otto sings both parts of Gone the way that MG both do it. Impressive :) Like this song too. Glad WB is more behind a Music Mafia/Raybaw guy more than normal.

  5. I really like the hearty , powerful voice of James Otto! I think this tune is great for listenen and dancing. I expect it to be a big hit for him!! I will definetly purchase Sunset Man when it is released on April 8th!!

  6. Every time I hear “Just got started Loving You” I get shivers when he makes the deep throaty sound of pleasure at the end. Great song – I am looking forward to hearing more.

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