Jake Owen, “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You”

Jake Owen has a powerful voice, and he can pull off a traditional country wail better than most of his fellow newcomers.    On his new single, that ability takes a backseat, as he opts for blue-eyed country soul instead.

The result is pleasant to the ears, though a slightly faster pace would make the entire proceedings more interesting.   By delivering the chorus with consistent rather than escalating intensity, the record doesn’t build to a satisfying conclusion.   Once you’ve heard the first verse and chorus, you’ve heard it all.

Grade: B-

Listen: Don’t Think I Can’t Love You

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5 Responses to Jake Owen, “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You”

  1. TomNo Gravatar

    quite a good song, but a chart-buster it ain’t. hello, label-folks, isn’t there really any better way to shift his career into higher gear?

  2. cindyNo Gravatar

    I think this song will shift his career into high gear..The vocals are amazing, and I like the simplicity of the lyrics

  3. chuckNo Gravatar

    GREAT SONG…GREAT VOCALS….Jake gets better and better

  4. The song is both classic country and soulful! Jake’s voice is rich and solid. I am now a fan! He is indeed a class act!

  5. BrandyNo Gravatar

    I love this song so much. it remains me of me and my first true love