John Rich, “Raisin’ McCain”

With “Raisin’ McCain”, John Rich has managed to do the seemingly impossible: make the life of Senator John McCain seem terribly uninteresting. Rich’s relentless repetition of a poorly crafted hook and the interference of guitars cranked to 11 make this song almost unbearable to listen to.

Meanwhile, the fascinating backstory of McCain’s experiences in Vietnam, which include being shot down and being held captive for years, is crammed into a crowded verse that’s sung so loudly and so quickly that it borders on disrespectful.

I realize Rich wants this to be a rally song, but it’s little more than a third-rate Big & Rich rave-up with McCain’s name thrown in the mix. Perhaps if he’d used the template for “8th of November” instead of “Comin’ to Your City”, this would be a worthy tribute, not a novelty number.

Written by John Rich

Grade: D

Download: Raisin’ McCain


  1. Wow, how obnoxious. Music and Politics rarely ever mix, and when they do it usually is disastrous. A question I’d like to ask is; has anyone ever done this before? Because this could be an all time low for country music, that is is you consider Rich country enough.

  2. This is bad even for John Rich. Kevin’s right, the guitar is turned up way too loud in comparison to the volume level of Rich’s voice. Furthermore, could the lyrics be any more stupid? Perhaps it *does* work in a rally setting, but it’s pretty awful coming out of my speakers, which is why it won’t happen again.

  3. Quite telling that Big Kenny is nowhere to be seen at the crime scene (AKA the release of this obnoxious song). But also not surprising given his support for more left-minded candidates and causes.

  4. Kenny and John are like “Fire and Rain” that’s probably what makes their music ‘work’ for them. They’re not ‘similar’ outside of their music. I guarantee the “love everybody” and “country music without prejudice” were phrases that Big Kenny made…

  5. Blake,

    I think I read somewhere that Big Kenny has endorsed Obama.

    Matt B,
    I think that if Rich had done the t-shirts, they would’ve read “Love Everybody but Gays, American Idol and Dixie Chicks!”

  6. It is true, Lynn.

    I talked with someone who kept insisting that Kenny was the “a hole” and that Rich was the nice guy. I had to laugh. I don’t doubt that Rich WAS a nice guy but somehow the success has gone to his head while Kenny is the same guy.

  7. I like the song. I wish that I was there that night to see him preform it. It is about time for conseritives to hear that some preformers share the same views.

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