Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, “Not a Moment Too Soon”

1994 | Peak: #1

The intense heat of McGraw’s record sales helped propel a handful of middling songs to the upper rungs of the chart.

This one went all the way to #1.   Fair enough, as it’s quite a few notches above the singles that came before and after it.  It has a sense of its own scale, with a beefed-up production that doesn’t get too overwhelming.  That’s a good match for a song that makes bold claims of love but without too many superfluous or sappy lyrical images.

He’s still singing a bit too high, but this one won’t make the alley cats come runnin’.

Written by Joe Barnhill and Wayne Perry

Grade: B

Listen: Not a Moment Too Soon



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4 Comments on Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, “Not a Moment Too Soon”

  1. Just good, solid, 90’s country. Can’t beat the ‘stache either.

  2. SweetcheeksNo Gravatar // August 6, 2011 at 6:03 am //

    You know what saved me “Not a Moment Too Soon?” Country Universe! And you know what it saved me from? Websites where Jon Weisberger posts. I don’t have much respect for that guy. My favorite Tim McGraw song is “Refried Dreams.” That song is a musical masterpiece.

  3. We’re glad you enjoy Country Universe, but I’d ask that you avoid randomly disparaging somebody without direct provocation here.

  4. …well, sweetcheeks, whatever made you make that almost blasphemic remark about country music’s own “done-and-know-it-all-from-creation” – it is, as leeann forcefully made clear, sooo inappropriate. not very nice indeed, yet…

    nice little number this mcgraw song as is “refried beans” and most others on that album.

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