Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, “Not a Moment Too Soon”

1994 | Peak: #1

The intense heat of McGraw’s record sales helped propel a handful of middling songs to the upper rungs of the chart.

This one went all the way to #1.   Fair enough, as it’s quite a few notches above the singles that came before and after it.  It has a sense of its own scale, with a beefed-up production that doesn’t get too overwhelming.  That’s a good match for a song that makes bold claims of love but without too many superfluous or sappy lyrical images.

He’s still singing a bit too high, but this one won’t make the alley cats come runnin’.

Written by Joe Barnhill and Wayne Perry

Grade: B

Listen: Not a Moment Too Soon




  1. You know what saved me “Not a Moment Too Soon?” Country Universe! And you know what it saved me from? Websites where Jon Weisberger posts. I don’t have much respect for that guy. My favorite Tim McGraw song is “Refried Dreams.” That song is a musical masterpiece.

  2. …well, sweetcheeks, whatever made you make that almost blasphemic remark about country music’s own “done-and-know-it-all-from-creation” – it is, as leeann forcefully made clear, sooo inappropriate. not very nice indeed, yet…

    nice little number this mcgraw song as is “refried beans” and most others on that album.

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