Michael Dean Church

Michael Dean Church, “Why Can’t You Forgive Me”

February 18, 2008 // 8 Comments

Newcomer Michael Dean Church may have a hit on his hands. “Why Can’t You Forgive Me” is an up-tempo song that is full of pop culture references that will surely draw in its listeners on account of nostalgic recollections of past controversial news making events. While this song lacks in lyrical depth and Church’s vocal hype is not exactly realized here, the song is refreshingly fun. In an attempt to convince his significant other to forgive him for an unknown transgression, the singer trots out a list of people in pop culture history who have supposedly been forgiven by society over time to plead his case for the same forgiveness. The song even references some country music events. Hopefully, he hasn’t done anything too serious to warrant this lack of forgiveness. Otherwise, his argument could be perceived as being dismissive of the fact that he had done something wrong in Read More