Michael Dean Church, “Why Can’t You Forgive Me”

Newcomer Michael Dean Church may have a hit on his hands. “Why Can’t You Forgive Me” is an up-tempo song that is full of pop culture references that will surely draw in its listeners on account of nostalgic recollections of past controversial news making events. While this song lacks in lyrical depth and Church’s vocal hype is not exactly realized here, the song is refreshingly fun.

In an attempt to convince his significant other to forgive him for an unknown transgression, the singer trots out a list of people in pop culture history who have supposedly been forgiven by society over time to plead his case for the same forgiveness. The song even references some country music events. Hopefully, he hasn’t done anything too serious to warrant this lack of forgiveness. Otherwise, his argument could be perceived as being dismissive of the fact that he had done something wrong in the first place.

Written by Jeb Stuart Anderson & Steve Dukes

Grade: B

Listen: Why Can’t You Forgive Me


  1. catchy little ditty. I’m interested how its going to hold up. For me these types of song often get old fast.

    I’m interested in what y’all think though about his reference for the Dixie Chicks. Do you think people have really forgiven them? I’ve never seen a need to (since I’m originally from TX and agreed with their comments), but I don’t think people who were offended by them have given them a break. I know they won the Grammys, etc but I don’t think it was a sign of forgiveness from anyone who had problems with what they said…

    Sorry if I opened up a can of worms.

  2. this is a catchy song, but the vocals are kind of overpowered. interesting lyrics though. kind of the same style as favoirte state of mind or nothing to lose from josh gracin

  3. Chad,

    I think most of the people who he refers to in the song haven’t actually been forgiven by the people they offended in the first place. A better variation of this idea was the Larry Stewart song “Why Can’t You” – “If the Lord can forgive me, why can’t you?”

  4. Exactly, Kevin! That’s the reason this guy’s argument for forgiveness was so weak. Not only was the analogy kind of lame as a whole, as far as reasons to forgive someone goes, most of the people in the song are only forgiven by a certain faction of society. So, the analogy is off.

  5. Personally I really don’t hear or see anything special in thsi guy. maybe if i hear the song enough on radio i’ll get the hint, but for now nothin.

  6. I think this is a very catchy song, sung well by a guy with a very good voice. I don’t listen to the radio all that often since I don’t like hearing the same 20 songs by George Strait and Alan Jackson over and over, which is what they seem to play where I live. I enjoy a more modern crossover type sound, so this song appeals to me. I’ve listened to the other songs on his website and overall I like this guy. His sound seems to be a little like Rascal Flatts without the overblown vocal histrionics that Gary LeVox seems to enjoy, and can’t seem to duplicate very well at live shows (or at least the ones I have attended). He also reminds me musically a little of Jimmy Wayne, who I really like but hasn’t really been embraced by country radio (the comparison is made even stronger by the fact that one of the songs he does on his website is on Jimmy Wayne’s debut CD also). I’m a singer and I enjoy a great vocal perfomance, and this guy can sing. Combine that with a song that’s catchy and it could be a hit if radio even plays it, which I’m not so sure will happen. It seems to be hard for new artists to get played, at least around here.

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