Brad Paisley, “I’m Still A Guy”

With the follow up single to his thought provoking “Letter To Me”, Brad Paisley returns to the jocularity of another novelty song that has become his signature vantage point. It perpetuates the sentiment that while a woman can work to polish a man, deep down, he’s still a shallow guy who lacks any sense of culture. While it is meant in the spirit of fun, it typecasts men as hopeless rednecks. I predict that many men will object to such a narrow stamp being placed upon them. Then again, I am sure that many other men (and women) can relate to the playfulness of the song. I’m also amused that he would sing this song, since I suspect that Brad may be a bit too preppy to actually do half of the things that he claims is the natural makeup of “a guy.”

Being a fan of Brad Paisley, I am admittedly surprised that this is the song that was chosen to be his next radio release. While “I’m Still A Guy” would be a perfect song to create energy in a live show, it lacks the strength to be a viable radio single. Instead, it sounds more like a ditty rather than a substantive song.

Written by Brad Paisley, Kelley Lovelace & Lee Thomas Miller

Grade: B-

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  1. i can’t believe they would chose this to be his next song! it is in the same category as ticks and online, which is fine, but all from one cd! i like the song, but i cannot believe that they would chose three songs like this from one cd and ony one of his really good quality songs! i am really dissapointed by this song choice

  2. A little harsh, perhaps but this is not one of the better cuts on the CD and is not nearly as good as “Online” or “Ticks”

  3. First, Leann I love your reviews. Keep it up!

    Second, I’m undecided on the song. I’m not generally a fan of Brad’s “novelty” songs (Ticks creeped me out and Online seemed patronizing). However, this one has a cute premise.

    “it sounds more like a ditty rather than a substantive song”? Has this stopped country radio in the recent past?? ;) I’m willing to bet that country radio plays the heck out of it.

  4. Actually…ditto to that, Lynn. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very big fan of Brad’s. I even like his fun songs, but there’s even a limit for me. I don’t mind the song or it’s premise, but I think it may be a bit much, as Bobby suggested, all from one album. I also maintain that it sounds like a good sing-along song for concerts rather than a serious contender for a radio hit…not that radio won’t play it anyway.:) There were just other great single worthy songs on the album that probably won’t get to see the light of day, since four or five songs are what usually gets released to radio before they move onto the next album.

  5. Not a fan of Brad’s! Could not stand TICKS! Online was Ok! The only novelty song of his I liked was Celebrity, but enough is enough! Oh well, it doesn’t matter what I think. He’s Nashville’s Golden Boy at the moment and he will probably get another #1.

  6. Actually MattoB, he’s planning a full instrumental album this fall. I do agree thought that a greatest hits album is not to far off considering the fourth or fifth album usually leads up to one.

    As far as the single, all i can say is that this song does follow the trend that seems to work for him. SO if it ain’t broke I guess it doesn’t make sense to try to fix it, just keep it as it is.

  7. They’ve been planning to release a Greatest Hits album on Brad after 5th Gear since before the album was released. He wants “Waitin’ on a Woman” from Time Well Wasted to be on that project so it finally gets a chance to be a single.

    Even though it’s under a different label head, this will be the second time Arista has green lighted an instrumental album for one of its artists. Back when Tim Dubois was running the label, he allowed Steve Wariner to release one.

  8. Yeah, I suspect that the Greatest Hits album will allow Brad to release the instrumental one. Otherwise, I doubt the record label would be too behind the idea, since the instrumental releases likely won’t make it on the radio playlists.

  9. if fans of Paisley are as dedicated as it seems, they won’t need radio airplay to make a successful album sale. I mean kenny Chesney ended up in i think 5th or 6th on his debut wekk with his “Be As You Are” CD and that never had any intentional radio hits.

  10. I agree that his instrumental album will be a hit with his fans. In fact, I plan to pick one up myself, since I’m a fan. His greatest hits will simply allow radio to have a new song or two (since it’s likely that he’ll put a couple of new songs on there, which is common for greatest hits projects) while that instrumental album makes its run.

  11. This is one of my least favourite songs off 5th Gear. It just tries too hard, and is one of several songs that try to perpetuate the bloke-ishness of everything, and it’s tiresome to listen to after a while.

    There’s some great songs on this CD, so it doesn’t make much sense to just release yet another jokey song.

  12. I agree in the disappointment of the timing of releasing this as a single. With Ticks and Online both having been released, they should have released a few more songs inbetween so people don’t get tired of his novelty songs. That being said, I actually enjoy this song and find it amusing, but I would have rather seen “Some Mistakes”, a mid-tempo song, be released following “Letter to Me”.

  13. I think the lyrics of this one are clever, I especially liked the Bambi line. But I too am surprised this is a single, mostly because the the references to the hot naked girls and still having a pair. It doesn’t bug me, but I can imagine some people finding it a bit controversial. It’ll probably be another #1 for him though. Overall, I like the lyrics for the most part, but the melody lacks a bit of interest.

  14. I love “Im still a guy.” Im a country fan not nessesaraly a Brad Paisley fan. I bought 5th gear for online and Im still a guy became my favorite of the CD. It is a great way to explain the differences in a woman & a man. It also pokes fun at feminine guys which i find hilarius. I agree with Corey that “Some mistakes’ is a good song but it was still a distant second of the unreleased songs. Go Brad! show em!

  15. I love this song. It is what real men are like. It is to bad that we have gone this far that it takes a song like this to say it. I think a lot of men will be glad to here it. I am an executive, but I can’t stand most of the metro sexuals out there that don’t have a pair. I wasn’t much of a country music fan, but some of the songs seem to ring true to me. I am glad someone is saying it. Not all men that like this are rednecks, some of us are men that are tired of being feminized. I love the song.

  16. I love this song….as I love “Online.” Not many country songs make me laugh (as did the “Online” video…it was great!). I’m about tired of hearing about drinking, cheating and all the derogitory stuff….this is what a typical redneck guy likes…I should know, I am married to one and love him with all my heart! :) Go Brad!

  17. This song made me laugh since the first time i heard it in concert. Although i like “some mistakes” better, i thought it was perfect timing for Brad to come out with something that was funny and uplifting after an amazing song like “letter to me” because it was a bit slow. i am a huge Paisley fan, i think he will have another #1 hit with this song and if and when he releases “some mistakes” he’lll have another passing Rodney Atkins for most #1 single hits on a single album

  18. Rodney’s four #1 hits from a single album is not a record. Several artists have accomplished that before, including Clint Black, Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Tracy Lawrence, Tim McGraw (twice!), Rosanne Cash, Vince Gill and Randy Travis.

    I think the record might be five from one album, held by Rodney Crowell. I can’t think of another person who did that.

  19. Carrie Underwood scored 4 #1’s, Jesus Take The Wheel, Don’t Forget To Remember Me, Wasted, Before He Cheats and even Inside Your Heaen hit #1 in the pop charts before it was on the album. Also But I think Kevins right saying that Rodney has the record for 5 #1 country singles from one album, no one else seems to match that, not even King George. So if Rodney was to go #1 and Brad hit #1 with I’m Still A Guy and what would hopefully be Oh Love or Some Mistakes then they would be tied with Rodney and I don’t think either Brad or Roney will go six from one album and its even less likely they woul be six straight, but who knows.

  20. Cowboy Blue,

    “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” didn’t top the Billboard chart, which is what I was going by, but you’re right. Though if we’re going to go by R&R, I think Alan Jackson’s “Don’t Rock the Jukebox” had five #1’s on that chart. Paul Dennis is a much stronger expert on the non-Billboard charts than I am, so he’ll be a good resource on this one if he chooses to jump in!

    BTW, your site is looking great!


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