Rascal Flatts, “Every Day”

Rascal Flatts releases their fourth mid tempo song in a row, which would normally result in the death of a radio career. Not so for this seemingly unstoppable trio who gets country radio airplay, no matter what easy listening fluff they release.

Their latest single, “Every Day”, continues to do nothing to justify their meteoric success. Lyrics such as “Sometimes the place I go is so deep and dark and desperate”, “You save my life” and “I’m alright for one more night” is an indication of a man who seems to be hanging onto his life by a thread. It sounds like this poor woman really should have “bowed out gracefully” when she had a chance.

Not only are the lyrics overwrought with contrived intensity that simply forces the listener to viscerally cringe, the song as a whole has its own issues. Gary Levox’s voice is piercingly pitchy, the melody is bland and the production sounds like an eighties monster ballad complete with an absolutely atrocious electric guitar solo.

The only way this song could be any worse is if we had to endure a live recording of it!

Written by Jeffrey Steele & Alissa Moreno

Grade: D

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  1. i still don’t understand how anyone would be able to listen to them and seriously like them. i mean sometimes when i need to laugh at something i listen to them, but almost never because i actually like their music

  2. More of the bland and uninteresting from America’s leading purveyor of boring muzak. This stuff should be played on whatever stations feel compelled to play Kenny G !

  3. Oh wow. That was bad even by RF standards. I think they were aiming for a little of the sincerity of “Bless This Broken Road” (a song I will always regret wasn’t recorded by someone else), but they missed by a mile. Unfortunately, my local radio station will play it like crazy (RF is the only band they play).

  4. Well my station will play the heck out of it, so thanks for the warning that they’ve released a new single so I will know to keep my radio turned off!! I have found a new station in Atlanta called the Legends and I don’t have to listen to RF and Kenny Chesney 24/7! I’ve been hearing some really great music on this station!

  5. I’m usually the one defending Rascal Flatts, but I’m with you on this one. I’m sick of all these mushy, mushy songs and every song on the album seems to follow this trend. it just seems like they arn’t releasing songs because people need to hear them like they sed to, but because people want to hear them no matter what song it is. This is just a filler for me.

  6. To be frank, I think people in country music circles tend to be more than a little hard on Rascal Flatts. Sure, they’re shamelessly schmaltzy. Sure, they’re 99% pop. Sure, Gary Levox has a damn nasally voice that never ever holds up in a live setting. But most of the time I can look past all of that stuff and enjoy their excellent recordings (heavily ProTools’d though they surely are) of excellent songs like “These Days”, “I’m Movin’ On”, “Bless the Broken Road” – not necessarily as a fan of the act, but as a fan of good records.

    I say all that because even by my fairly forgiving standards, this single is complete garbage. I’m stunned at the absurd degree of overblown emotional housewife/moody-teen-girl pandering that’s going on here; the song isn’t even trying to mask it. That Jeffrey Steele would even send a toss-off like this out there is disgraceful enough, and to see our genre’s biggest-selling act pick it up and record it terribly, then put it out as a single? Pain. I’m going to make the hopeful prediction that this is the song that finally fails to connect with the fanbase and bumps the boys down a few notches in the country-radio hierarchy; it just might be terrible enough to get the job done.

  7. I guess I’m the only one who enjoyed this then. I much prefer it over “Winner at a Losing Game.” However, the lyrics aren’t as good as they could be.

  8. rascal flatts is amazing. i’m not sure what all the uproar is with them gary being nasally or whatever, he pulls off an amazing live voice, better than most country starts could say. it’s time we start respecting the music rascal flatts brings, and maybe lets consider they sing songs like this because it pertains to them. if you dont like their music then consider looking elsewere.

  9. HI.i just want to say this.RASCAL FLATTS ROCKS. i have seen them many times in concert.they get better each time i go see them.their new album is awesome

  10. I can’t believe what a hater the author of this article is. I love this song. Obviously some people don’t understand that life gets tough, and all you can do is hang on to the person who matters most. The song is beautiful. You are not.

  11. Like I said before… Rascal Flatts isn’t out to change the world. They obviously speak to many. Their emotions in their music are raw. That speaks to normal people. They don’t have to see through all the words to get the meaning of the song. Apparently that’s a crime on this website.

    How about we have someone that isn’t anti-Rascal Flatts to review a song next time? This website seems to have it in for them.

  12. i gotta tell i read this stuff people say on here and its just so mean spirited . i mean to call those lyrics contrived you should be shot for comments like that !!!!!
    knowing what and who that song was written for and the death that preceded it , you should be ashamed of yourself

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