LeAnn Rimes, “Good Friend and a Glass of Wine”

LeAnn Rimes, the youngest veteran in recent country music history, takes a stab at writing herself a girl power anthem and acquits herself nicely.   Rimes is simply a better singer now that she’s singing her own material, and she sounds fully confident and in control, hitting some good notes without showboating.    I could do without the girl group doo-wopping in the background, but other than that, good stuff.

Written by Darrell Brown, Blair Daly & LeAnn Rimes

Grade: B+

Listen: Good Friend and a Glass of Wine

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  1. i agree that she sounds more confident, but as i often find with her, she doesnt sing her words very clearly. on a song like this that is supossed to be a fun song, it makes you have to listen really hard to a song that i don’t think is really meant to have to listen really hard to

  2. I know what you mean Bobby. It was especially noticeable for me on Nothin’ Better to Do. I haven’t heard this song many times, but she seems confident and it sounds fun.

  3. Do the people recording this not hear this? I love her, but I couldn’t understand much of the words in Nothin’ Better to Do either! Great song and video of NBTD!

  4. I had to go back and listen to it again, and I agree that it’s somewhat hard to understand the lyrics but once you understand them it’s easy enough.

    When I first heard her newest album this was the stand out song for me and I’m very glad that it was released. I think it’s my favorite one on the album because I’m a sucker for Girl anthem songs. Either way I loves it.

  5. Ms.Rimes??? Paul, i love your critisism can be way over the top sometimes. This may not be her best work, but its a great beace of work all the same.

  6. good friend … is a great follow up single to Nothin’ better to do… it will sound great out on the Kenny chesney tour she has comin up’
    what i can not change is her ultimate single… i hope that it comes out next

  7. Good song to keep the music going. I adore this song. Us girls haven’t had a good song liek this to enjoy with our friends for awhile. Thank you, LeAnn! I kinda wish she would have done it as a duet to begin with and not with Joss Stone. Maybe Lila McCann or someone else her age that you could see her sitting down with.

    The video however was lacking. A little too edgy for this song.

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