Jennifer Hanson, “73”

As Hanson reminisces about her childhood while looking through pictures, she stops to wonder how her life would have been different if her parents hadn’t gotten divorced, and had stayed in love instead. The song doesn’t really take a position whether things would’ve been better or worse, though the sweet reference to her baby half-brother indicates that she might things worked out the way they were supposed to, even as she wonders what might have been.

Written by Jennifer Hanson, Michael Heeney & A.J. Masters

Grade: B

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  1. although i dont have an experience like this, i see how it could easily relate to people who do. her voice sounds so raw and there’s not too much production. in a way it sounds faintly like trisha yearwood, although i wouldn’t go to say she was almsot nearly in that range of vocal talent. this topic isn’t sung about as much as you would think it would be. it kind of sounds like a song the judds might sing, which is a good sign. i look foward to hearing more from her

  2. I really like this song. I can relate to it, to an extent, and some of the phrasing really moves me. It’s my graduation this year (assuming I don’t fail) and my mother has said she won’t come if my father does, so that one image is very powerful for me.

  3. I like the song and hope it does good on country radio, but I have a very strong feeling that it will peak in the mid forties. For some reason people haven’t caught on to Jennifer yet. I thought that with her first album she would have been a bigger hit but she was pretty much ignored. She’s never released a bad song and ’73 continues this trend. Hopefully this will be her big break.

  4. Jordan people have caught on to jennifer hanson. radio hasn’t. She was a one hit wonder a while back and now she’s releasing material from a pre-recorded album on a new label so radio is being way to cautios playing her as much as they should. People don’t want to hear it because radio won’t let them.

  5. I actualy heard Jennifer perform this live for the first time in front of her two parents. Her dad playing guitar and her mom in the audience. Jennifer really struggled not to cry during the song and it had half he audience in tears. It was and is a wonderful display of reality..! She is wonderful, and I really hope this song does well. It is nice to hear about real things in life, rather than some made up story to get some play time. This artist is great!!!

  6. I wanted to say that this song is reality!!! I love and it is so real to many of us. I recently heard Jennifer being interviewed on radio and she indicated that “she realized after everything, that she wouldn’t have had it any other way!!” and that her mother and father have become friends over the years and life is just the way it should have been.

    I hope this is a HUGE hit!!! I want to hear it everyday!!! It really is my life and yet I now have a picture of my parents together at my sisters wedding so many years from the last of them together!

  7. This song was very touching to me because i am currently a middle child with my parents going threw a divorce. Its a very tough time but this song brought a smile to my face but also is really sad cuz of the pictures phrase where she looks at them. Its hard having a family of 5 and seeing smiles and knowing that once everything was good and happy and then see it torn apart. Those were the good memories and thats what cameras do they catch the good memories. I love this song ive never heard of jennifer hanson till it hit 99.5 in cleveland. I love it and i hope its a big hit..

  8. Heard her play this song in concert when she opened for Phil Vassar in Indiana, and was impressed with her delivery of it. Very well written tune and, of course, radio didn’t deliver the goods. Still a good song worth a listen every once in a while.

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