Jo Dee Messina, “I’m Done”

Dripping with bitterness and resignation, Jo Dee Messina’s new single “I’m Done” captures the anger and frustration that comes with being the back-up girl. Messina is the modern queen of the kiss-off song, and she’s wrote herself a beauty here. Righteous indignation never sounded so good.

Written by Jerry Flowers, Jo Dee Messina & Monty Powell

Grade: A-

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  1. i like jo dee messina and i think this song is okay, but i wish she would put out something that didn’t sound like the majority of her other songs. it’s the same reason i’m not a big kenny chesney fan. they have good songs, but they all sound the same

  2. You’re beating me to all these songs, how do you find out about them so soon. Anyways i heard her play this live. Great song.

  3. The best news about this single is that Jo Dee’s voice isn’t hidden amid an ambush of (over)production. Yes, the kiss-off theme is wearing a bit thin — and I remember a time when she didn’t need a novelty song to open an album — but she is the best at it.

  4. When I heard this on the Opry last night, I thought she wasn’t bitter enough, considering her man is running around with another woman. But the truth is, not everyone is going to injure or kill their boyfriend for that like some songs would suggest. So although to me it doesn’t have the same bitterness, anger, and bang that some some songs have about this subject, it’s actually probably more realistic than some. I suppose I’m probably a bit biased by the rock music I listen to too.

    I don’t think this is as good as My Give A Damn’s Busted, but it’s still fun, and as Joe said, the production isn’t too heavy. I love her voice as she sing “shut up”!

    Grade: B

  5. I love this song. She did a great job with this one! Jo Dee is great at the “kiss off song.” But just because its the same subject matter doesn’t make it just like the others. I absolutely love the melody to this as well. The keys in the beginning are perfect! It’s available on ITunes now. :-)

  6. ok so im a huge fan of jo dee’s and i say this inst her best … i think this song is kinda boring and i totally agree with bobby .. all her songs kinda song alike . but hey whatever … jo dee has got it … i guess that can help… k well c u !

    jo dee messina is the best women in history ! go jo dee !

  7. After Biker Chick flopped I was hoping for a ballad or something from Jo Dee, but this is good. I especially like the beginning of the song, and the chorus is catchy.

  8. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. I am a huge Jo Dee fan and her music has helped me through so much. When I first heard this song I thought of my ex and since then it has come to mean so much to me for other reasons…………….a new issue ( men, arg!) lol. and it really helped me look at the situation in a dif. light and helped me get over it.! I too would love to hear more ballads from Jo Dee because she is so talented and we don’t often get to see her soft side. But I love this song! And I will keep requesting it!!! It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

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