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Single Review: Billy Currington, “Let Me Down Easy”

January 10, 2011 Kevin John Coyne 9

I think if we can give Blake Shelton the award for Male Vocalist in 2010, we might as well start thinking about giving it to Billy Currington in 2011. He’s giving Shelton a run for his money in putting out milquetoast material that’s elevated into listenable by a charming vocal performance.

“Let Me Down Easy” is not going to appear in one of those deluxe coffee table books of song lyrics. Coffee napkin, maybe.

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Jennifer Hanson, “73”

February 18, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 8

As Hanson reminisces about her childhood while looking through pictures, she stops to wonder how her life would have been different if her parents hadn’t gotten divorced, and had stayed in love instead. The song

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Jennifer Hanson, “Joyride”

August 10, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 3

This may be the best Sheryl Crow record that Sheryl Crow never made, a nice little cross between  “Every Day is a Winding Road” and “Steve McQueen.”   Given that I was half-dreading, half-hoping that this