Single Reviews: June 4, 2005

This week, the clear leader of the pack is Sawyer Brown, with their best single in a good decade.

CLINT BLACK “Rainbow In The Rain” (Equity)
Back in his prime, his name could’ve carried a weightless ditty like this into the top five. Now, it will probably fall on deaf ears.

DREW DAVIS BAND “Back There All The Time” (Windswept)
Did this guy run 50 laps before putting down his vocal track? He sounds out of breath.

JACE EVERETT “That’s The Kind Of Love I’m In” (Epic)
A dull rewrite of “Daydreams About Night Things.”

KENI THOMAS featuring BLACKHAWK “Gloryland” (Moraine)
They’re on their way to Gloryland. Hopefully, this won’t be playing there.

LILA McCANN “I Can Do This” (Broken Bow)
Sure you can. But do you have to?

SAWYER BROWN “They Don’t Understand” (Curb)
A powerful case for patience with others, particularly strangers. The second verse manages to articulate in moral terms why I hate tailgaters and people who honk others who drive too slowly in front of them.

VAN ZANT “Help Somebody” (Columbia)
Like the Sawyer Brown track, this also appeals to the best of human nature. A Southern Rockers’ take on the golden rule that is very satisfying.

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