New Dixie Chicks CD

It was noted to me that I had spent a lot of time talking up the new Dixie Chicks album but haven’t mentioned it since it’s been released. I’ve been reading about the Chicks almost as much as listening to them, and I guess I just didn’t have anything to add to the conversation. But, since I’ve been asked to go on record, since my silence was apparently implying I wasn’t on board with the new project, let me say this:

I don’t have my words together yet to review the album at length, but after repeated listens over the past month, I will say that it is the best album of their career, and perhaps the best country album of the last ten years. I never thought they’d come close to the quality of Home, my favorite album of the last few years, but next to Taking The Long Way, even Home pales in comparison. Oh, and the new single, “Voice Inside My Head”, is their best single to date. Chills, every single time. I’m not sure if it’s about an abortion, or adoption, or just not holding out for the person of your dreams, but it’s incredibly powerful, with the impact not fading on repeated listenings.

So, in short, Chicks Rule. Now more than ever.