Say What? – Mary Chapin Carpenter

Mary Chapin Carpenter has written a song about the Dixie Chicks called “On With The Song”, which will be released on her forthcoming album this spring. From her mailing list:

I especially look forward to recording a song that I wrote soon after the Dixie Chicks album came out. I was so bloody sick of the right wing bloggers and columnists and even Time Magazine’s snooze of an article, with sidebars about major artists who have been far more vocal and pejorative about their oppposition to this administration, without nary the consequences that the DCX have had to face. Then I managed to catch them on Larry King, who couldn’t even make the effort to get each lady’s name correct when he addressed them. I swear, they should have worn name tags for that one. But I found them to be gracious and honest about their experiences since “the incident” and King was obvious (at least to me) in his skepticism towards them. Having been a guest on the King show myself a few times, I can tell you that he doesn’t even listen to your answer, and he interrupts you constantly. One time I think I actually told him “I’m not finished yet!”. Thought that would get me a kick under the table, but it didn’t. He ignores you completely during the breaks. Going in and out of commercials, they replayed footage of these radio jocks at their microphones from 3 years ago urging folks to bring out their DCX cd’s for a big ol’ bonfire and tractor smash. I was disgusted by it all. So I wrote a song that kind of addressed all my frustrations with EVERYTHING. Probably won’t win me any new fans who love Bush and hate the DCX, but as the title of the song says: “On With The Song”. For the first time I think in my recording career I have too many songs for the record. It has been hard to pick the 12-14 that will make the record. We may not even have time to cut 14. But there will be no fewer than 12. I expect it to arrive next spring in time for touring to begin.

Wow, she’s got some fire back in her. It’s nice to have some confirmation that she still has a pulse. She’s so much better when bitter.

Source: Chicks Rock! Chicks Rule!

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