Review: Heartland, “Built to Last”

Heartland, “Built to Last”

A beautiful tribute inspired by a 50th Anniversary party, this is the kind of record that raises the collective dignity of country music. Not sappy, devoid of cliche – just honest, emotional sentiment, with a few flashes of subtle humor to boot. If this is a sign of where the new country acts are planning to take the genre, I’m on board.

Grade: A

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  1. Now here is a good indication of how reliable these reviews on this site are. He said this song is an A!

    Note to reviewer……..this song never charted, and is over.

  2. Actually Nacy this song did chart, but it literally barely made the cut. It entered at 60, droped and re-entered at 60 then dropped for good again.

    I’m really sad this song was dropped. I’m afraid Heartland seems to be a one hit wonder

  3. They have a new tune on the charts now, for all you 1 hit wonder people out there. It is currently 48 and is a John Rich written song. I think its got great potential. It moved 26 spots on the chart last week. D.J. in Houston

  4. How can it move 26 spots to 48 on the chart when they only record 60 positions? Does Billboard report 61-on-back in avenues outside their magazine? I’m not asking this sarcastically, I seriously want to know, since I didn’t know a song could be #74 anymore.

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