Tim McGraw, “Last Dollar (Fly Away)”

Tim McGraw, “Last Dollar (Fly Away)”

I love the song. It’s a wry twist on the “I’m poor, but rich because I have you” nonsense that often passes for a love song in country music. He’s reveling in the freedom of having nothing to lose, and has no problem telling the girl by his side: “I’m so glad you’re here today, ’cause tomorrow I may have to go and fly away.”

Two things that keep the song from completely soaring, though: The “ha ha ha” chant – which isn’t even annoyingly catchy, just annoying – and the vocal distortion in the bridge. McGraw is usually better at letting the song just shine, but there are a few too many production tricks here.

Grade: B

Listen Now: Last Dollar (Fly Away)


  1. Hey Kevin, I’ve been reading your blog ever since I helped start up The 9513. Being the Tim McGraw fan that I am, I had to go check out the single and was disappointed to find that your assessment was right on.

    The vocal distortion reminded of the end of Gary Allan’s “He Can’t Quit Her”, but it actually works in that song. In concert, he busts out a bullhorn to give it the same effect. Anyways, keep up the great posts.

  2. I’m a big Tim fan, too, but this one let me down. Not so much because it’s not a good song, but that it tries to be too gimmicky, and the extra elements end up distracting from the song.

    I remember Patty Loveless once saying that it was her job as a singer to not get in the way of the song, which to me, has always perfectly articulated what I like about my favorite country artists.

    Thanks for the feedback. The 9513 looks cool. You definitely do a better job staying up on the news than I do!

  3. i love this song, im a huge fan of Tim Mcgraw and i think this is deff. something different from tim and i like it…. shows he’s not all the same like keith urban

  4. Tim is a Father and a Husband. He never fails to affectionately and publicly show his love for his family. This is a playful tune, and when we hear it on the radio, my 3 boys & I rattle the ice off the windows here in the north!

  5. although i agree that tim does not show off his vocal talents in this song i still cant get enough of it. its very catchy and has good meaning to it.

    It obviously doesnt have the typical tim mcraw sound to it, but its following a trend that is influencing todays country music. I believe this song is written by big kenny of ‘big and rich’. And once you know that you can definatley pick up the big and rich feel it has. They know how to make a hit, and this will be yet another.

    save a horse….

  6. I love this song and cant stop listening to it. I am a huge fan of him and his songs.
    I love when his kids sing with him. His kids sing really good to.


  7. That “Last Dollar” Song…SSSUUUUCCCKKKSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it SUCKS BALLS!!!……The kids are cute but the song SUCKS….Realy bad writing on whoever wrote that crap….

  8. I don’t see why some people don’t like this song ! I mean it has that kind of twist in it and I can’t stop singing along with it ! I like the last part when his daughters sing

  9. If you consider the apparent target audience – pre-teens – it is not terrible. As an adult, I think this is the worst single Tim has ever released other than that misguided duet he did with Nelly . This one gets a C- or D+ from me

  10. During my basketball practice….. my friends and i get the song stuck in our heads and sing it aloud! we start swishing baskets and like omg, we like won all of our tourneys because we sing it before all of them! I just think it influences kids my age, (12-13) to not be bums and get out and help their community and everything. That song ROX!!!!!

  11. I love the song! Its really fun to sing and it always makes me feel good! So those of you that don’t like it, you’re missing out! Stop over analyzing every dang thing and just enjoy life will ya???

  12. this is truly one of those moments when I wonder if I am in a twilight zone episode. This is one of the worst songs of all time. I expected everyone else in the world to share this opinion, but to hear people not only don’t hate this song, but some people actually love it. Have any of you that love this song actually listened to the lyrics? “All my friends are always giving me watches, hats, and wine that’s how I know this is serious that how I know it’s time” “There’s nothing that’s worth keeping me from places I should go, from happy-ville to lovin-land, gonna tour from coast to coast” Those have to be the most worthless lyrics ever penned. When I first heard this song I thought it was the cheesiest thing I had ever heard and was dying to know the hack that sang it, only to find out that someone that I respect, Tim McGraw was signing it. I can’t believe Alan Jackson let this one pass by, maybe he’ll cover it.

  13. Its awesome song can’t wait till it is released so I can get it already preordered it wish i knew away to get it sooner i can listen to it on the web but want to bne able to listen to it other places oh well will have to wait. Further more the lyrics are awesome material things don’t mean anything people that don’t like the song must be very aterlistic.

  14. I thought Tim was brilliant in his production of this song. I can’t wait to buy his daughter’s CD’s. They have obviously been blessed with the same musical ability their parents have. Good luch and best wishes to the McGraw/Hill family.

  15. gummy what r u thinking i love this song its my favorite even if some of the lyrics r sketchy the meanings awesome about hes poor but he feels like he has everything as long as he has her hes rich i mean come on how can it get better than that?

  16. I love the song. And, given the fact that the McGraws are so public about their devotion toward the sanctity of their family, and the fact that their little girls sing in the song (darling, darling, darling!!!), it makes me wonder about the interpretation of the lyrics. Is it possible that Mr. McGraw isn’t singing about a woman, but rather, of fame and fortune? He started with nothing, has been blessed by opportunity (his beautiful set of wings), but in the end he realizes that this isn’t what defines him–that he has no “thing” that holds him back. In the meantime, however, he’s having fun, hence the “ha-ha-ha.” Would he have his girls sing a song about guy who’s so flippant about his romantic relationship?

  17. How can any body say that they hate him or the song it is the best keep up the great work did i menchion i love it this is a song nobody that is real can hate it has the perfect twist but to me it is A+

  18. i like this song but i still like its your love by Tim better its my favorite song but i still love him lots. He is one of my favorite artists! but i dont really like Faith Hill his wife. cuz of the way she acted at the cma awards.
    =3 ShayLynn =3

  19. I’m with Gummy on this one. HATED it when I first heard it. It just doesn’t make sense.

    It is a catchy tune, but the gimmics, blowhorn, kids, Kids with SEVERE country accents? Did he put them in because he thought the song wouldn’t survive on its own?

    And just why are his friends always giving him watches, hats, and wine? “that’s how I know this is serious that how I know it’s time” HUH????

    I thought at first that he lost everything in a divorce and now that he was poor, he was singing to his ex… Oh and that he went INSANE.

    This song moved from an F to a C- because of the catchy tune that is growing on me, but I still am not going to rush out to buy this song.

  20. dear tim i love your song i cani’t get it out of my head and i will not i will see you later i hope you look ausome since i seen you the last time i saw you in a picture oh yeah i almost forgot you did very good in that movie FLICKA i loved i am a horse freak thats what my mom and dad says ANN NASH and RALPH NASH i steel remember old alson mariea and you i love it well see ya later by

  21. I agree it is a catchy song, but so was “don’t worry be happy”. I am a Tim McGraw fan, it just blew my mind when I realized he was the one singing this, it just seemed to cheesy to be real. Great melody, catchy hook, horrible lyrics, I can’t get past it. That doesn’t mean I haven’t hummed it in the shower, just how can you sing those lyrics with a straight face? This song was written in less time than it took me to write this post.

  22. well, gummy maybe there not supposed to sing the song with a straight face its a happy loving life kinda song not goth. its the best song is me and my friends favorite i cant see why u guys just dont totally love it! its the best evur! I LOVE IT! i just cant get enough and i bet he took a while to write the song. i mean doesnt everyone? i mean who cares about the lyrics its the meaning am i right how hes poor but rich cuz he has her. i mean can it get better than that?
    *Ashley* #8

  23. Tim McGraw my mom thinks your so awesome at singin.She went to one of your concerts and she touched you.Cause she was in the first row.


  24. I love song. I work with a lot of liitle kids and they sing the song every day. U say one and they start the song. It is so cute to here them sing it.

  25. I love this song so much – i can´stop singing it…
    it´s so sweet when tims girls sing on the end: 1- 2- 3- like a bird i sing…
    i can´t wait to buy tims new record!

  26. i really really like this song its my favorite. me & my friends always listen 2 it& sing to it. we also like his other songs. lik eits your love by tim& Faith that one i totally recomend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. OMG i like totally luv this song it is like me and all my best friends favorite song!!!Happy May Day every1 again this is r fav. song

  28. i really really raelly really really really really really luv this song it is my total favorite!!!!!!!! The Best Song Evur!!!!!!!!

  29. I love this song. It rocks! My 4 year old granddaughter sings this song, she told me to get this song for her and I had not heard it yet. I finally got to hear it and I agree with my granddaughter Angel it is a great song. Thank you, Janet

  30. i luv hearing this song when ever it comes on!it is cute when yur kids sing it with u!!!!!!!!! keep those good songs coming!!

  31. omg i lik etotally love this song and so do my friends!!!!!!!!! even though its old we still love it

  32. all hte people in my class love this song
    It’s an encreadible song. I don’t see why Chris hates it’s so much if he hates it why did he come on this site.

    I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!!!!!!!
    i listen to it every night in bed and i’m always so happy when this song comes on keep fly’in Tim!!!!!!

  33. this song is more than a song it picks me up when im down it can always turn me around it sends me spinning in the air free with out a care even when i am hurt it makes me happy like a dessert even though i cry htis song makes me wanna touch the sky well thats actually a poem about my old boyfriend but id like to hear what u htink about it

  34. I hated this song when I first heard it and subsequent times after. It grew on me though. I don’t like the kids singing at the end. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, but this didn’t work for me on this particular song.

  35. I Loooooove this song!!!!!!!!!! You people are CRAZY that don’t like this song It’s AWESOME! I like it at the end when his daughters sing it! It is so cute. This is my favorite song that he sings. It sucks that it is NEVER on the radio anymore. They are CRAZY sense they don’t put it on he radio any more.

  36. I would listen to this song all the time if I could. I mean this song ROCKS. The radio SUCKS and I mean SUCKS sence they don’t never put this song on. Who cares if it is old. Other people LOVE this song like I do. The radio station is a dumb ass sence they never put the song on.

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