Review: Kenny Chesney, “Beer in Mexico”

A cool, loud record. There’s almost too much going on, but just almost. The premise of the song is Chesney is aware he’s getting too old to be sitting around drinking on a beach, but is gonna have a few beers while he plots out his next move.

Radio will be all over this, I’m sure. Once it’s finished its chart run, it’s time to release “The Road and the Radio”, the title cut from Chesney’s album. It’s one of the best songs I’ve ever heard him do.

Grade: B+

Listen: Beer in Mexico


  1. Another artist that needs to disappear, so sick of you and your same old same old music. Grow up you are close to 40, take a break.

  2. Glad Leeann pointed out that Kenny wrote this – it’s his first number one which is significant if not for Debbie it certainly is for Kenny. I definitely see this as autobiographical. He’s a great guy and country music is fortunate to have him. A real artist.

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