Review: Cole Deggs & The Lonesome, “I Got More”

Cole Deggs & The Lonesome, “I Got More”

Ever since I started doing single reviews on this site, I’ve been amazed how much the songs sent to radio blend together. The guitar hook on this song sounds exactly like the one that powers Carrie Underwood’s “Wasted” to me.

As a single to kick off a career, “I Got More” doesn’t have quite enough. The band doesn’t have a distinct sound that surfaces here. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by the Dixie Chicks, but hell, even Little Big Town and The Wreckers sounded distinctive from the first record. That’s so crucial to breaking through that it shocks me how few bands show no personality on their first impression.

It’s an average song with an average performance. Two listens and I’ve already forgotten it. Since I don’t believe in grade inflation…

Grade: C

Listen Now: I Got More


  1. look at the billboard charts you miss this one three weeks released and at # 40 “i got more” is climbing right passed your single review. listen again.

  2. I’ve heard it, and keep hearing it. I have to disagree with you. These guys are way better than average. Plus Cole writes his own stuff, and that’s a huge benefit these days. He’s successfully written for some others too. The only thing I’m not sure about is their look, but I guess that fits in with today’s crowd?!? I think Cole has enough of a local following to push him through a possible rough start. With today’s Internet marketing strategies, he’ll make it for sure. In fact, your grade C is helping him more than hurting him. More power to you Cole! And when you come to H-Town, play it loud!

  3. This song sounds nothing else on country radio at the moment. If the blind and deaf programmers would give this band a chance there is no doubt that they could be as big as Rascal Flatts.

  4. Wanting to be as big as Rascal Flatts is a good thing, but not sounding like them. I again agree with the reviewer (I’ll learn your name soon), it’s not distictive enough to really leav an impression, They sound good but that’s not enough these days. They have a good chance of making it bout they better put out something better for the next single. I give it a C

  5. these guys have a great sound. i dont like the fact that i had a hard time finding the artist name cole deggs and the lonesome i couldent find it on itunes or yahoo music but it is a great song B+

  6. Heard this single on xm and absolutely loved it. Could not wait to google it and hear it again. Reminds me of someone special to me. Highly recommend it to play on local radio here in Louisiana, please.

  7. If I said I was “Spoiled” by the Dixie Chicks I would’t attach my name to the reveiw either. “I Got More” is a great song. The review C-.

  8. Nothing else to add. Like everythng else I’ve enjoyed what the liberal critics have bashed and not what they praised. Was the problem a male taking credit for what he has. I really don’t believe you had a problem with the music but with a positvie male image. See the band at the Ironhorse.

  9. “I really don’t believe you had a problem with the music but with a positive male image. See the band at the Ironhorse.”

    That criticism doesn’t hold up. I’ve given excellent reviews to singles from Montgomery Gentry, Vince Gill, Trace Adkins, Alan Jackson, Pat Green, Craig Morgan and Jack Ingram, just to name a few, that present a “positive male image.” I think this song is bland and shows no distinctive musicianship or vocals. To divine some political reasoning for not liking the song is pure fantasy on your part, not based on the actual writing on this site.

  10. I lOVE THIS GROUP. If you want more like me you can listen to 4 of thier songs on thier myspace page and link to the videos as well. I have heard a lot of up and coming bands in my time and these guys are fresh. Oh and the cd is due out in early july!!!!!! I can’t wait to get more of this groups music on the radio. If you don’t ask they wont play is so call your stations and request it ALOT.

  11. I’m normally an R&B, or Jazz listener and I like this song a lot. For all those who missed it, I picked this song up on iTunes for free on 04/24/2007 as their “Single Of The Week”.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Reviews are just that, someone’s opinion. Majority will rule in the end. It will be interesting to see how big C&TL’s little song and CD makes it in light of this initial review.

  12. This song will be #1 on the country charts. These guys are hot with their music and their looks. Just waiting to see how long till they hit #1. Love them!

  13. This is a great song. Well written and performed. I checked out their myspace page and liked the other songs as well.

  14. I’m age 65 and I heard them at the Grand Ol Opry and they are awesome. I bought the CD and play it all the time – Cole is great on stage and great looking – they are the best thing that I’ve heard since Kris Kristofferson in the early 70s

  15. Bought the CD&L cd months ago and it hasn’t left my player once. There’s not one song I skip over.

    These guys are fantastic. I’ve seen them live and Cole has an energy that connects with the audience. Great band and a great show. They’ll do well.

  16. These guys are awesome. See them perform once live and your hooked. They have so much energy on stage. I listen to the CD all the time. You need to listen again.

  17. I absolutely love the rythym of the song. I just love this song!!
    Nothing wrong with it at all!

    I think someone short changed this song!
    I want to hear it daily!

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