Lonestar, “Nothing to Prove”

Lonestar, “Nothing to Prove”

Lonestar is starting to remind me of Restless Heart. When at their peak, they sounded great on the radio and racked up the hits. They haven’t changed their sound much, and now they sound like they’re still in their late-90’s heyday. The problem is, the rest of the world has moved on. Rascal Flatts is the current country-pop milquetoast act. Witness “What Hurts the Most” scoring on the AC chart like “Amazed” and “I’ll Still Be Loving You” before it. Same script, different cast.

So there’s nothing particularly wrong with the song. It just kinda lays there. Probably would’ve been a #1 smash in 2000, but times have changed.

Grade: B-

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