Review: Luke Bryan, “All My Friends Say”

Luke Bryan, “All My Friends Say”

This is what I’m talking about when I write that you need a memorable song to launch a new artist. Who hasn’t drank way too much and had to call around to find out what they did last night? A common scenario that is long overdue for a song, though the classic Carlene Carter “Too Drunk (To Remember)” came close back in 1980.

The only problem is the production. It tries a little too hard to show “attitude”, and ends up making Bryan’s vocal sound more timid than it actually is. And the singalong is overkill. Isn’t it always?

Grade: B

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  1. Luke Bryan is great. I love the song. He is about to bust country music wide open. You missed the mark with this review. Simply poll college campuses around the south. He is loved by all.

  2. The song writing is great but I have to agree about the production, it’s a little too much. His voice though is something I think that will carry him far, I just love it. It’s not a voice that is really exceptional but he uses what he has really well. and Mariha a B grade is a good grade, so I wouldn’t complain about it, plus it’s just one persons opinion and if you like the song then that’s all that really matters. I would give it: B+

  3. I love his song..I had never heard of him until this song came out..I think he is going to go far in the country music industry. I don’t think its too much at all and I would give him an A+. My advice to him would be listen to your fans and the people that listen to your music because they enjoy country…those are the people that really matter anyway ;)

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