Sarah Buxton, "That Kind of Day"

Sarah Buxton, “That Kind of Day”

Great song, wrong delivery.

There’s way too much going on and Buxton sounds winded trying to keep up. It doesn’t help that she’s trying to be too “quirky and funny” in selling the song, which is strong enough to stand on its own.

Buxton has a haunting, evocative voice that never surfaces on this single. I’m still waiting to hear her talent spotlighted anywhere near as well as it was on her guest spot on Cowboy Troy’s “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me,” which was so flawless that Troy was able to build an entire subpar storyline around it and the record still worked.

Grade: B-

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  1. We went to school with Ms. Buxton back when she was the lead singer of Stoic Oak and she looked like a hippie. I kinda miss those days – I’ve read thru your reviews of Jason Aldean, and Kellie Pickler and I’ve listened to the songs – NONE of them make me want to buy the single let alone dare to spend $10 on an album. Isn’t that what record labels want? Aren’t we supposed to want to buy music?

  2. This is a slight dissapoint ment after coming off of the amazing Innocence and If You Don’t Wanna Love Me, however the writing is there just not the vocals or the production :(. I wish Keith Urban hadn’t released Stupid Boy, that way she could have released it. It might not have done as well, and it might not have given her as much exposure but It would have sounded better. Either way I’ll support her and her unique voice. Grade: B

  3. i don’t know why the reveiws sound disappointed for. i think the song is great as is. the only thing that makes me mad is i can’t find a copy of it. got to come here to listing to it

  4. I am sorry, I do not go along with the “B” rating you have given her. While I do think she would be better on different songs, I love listening to this song because of her voice. I would give her an “A” by all means.

  5. I really like this song! It seems like she had fun with it and it’s just a great song that so many average people can relate to. I loved her voice in Inocence and I love it in this one. I give her an A+

  6. This song is one of the worst songs I’ve heard in my LIFE. She’s WAY overdone the ‘quirky and funny’ to the point where it’s just ridiculous. If you ask me this song is such a joke. Really a disapointment coming from her. Grade: D-.

  7. The song has really grown on me. Her voice is what did it though, not the song. It is “over-produced” but her voice is compelling.

    Just have to say — why do these record companies insist on dangling these artists in front of us without providing the songs? Infuriating. I’d like to hear more Megan Mullins, Ashley Monroe, etc but they dribble it out over several months…

  8. I love this song. I only hear it on Sirius. Does anyone know when it is going to be released??? I’ve been dieing to buy it!

  9. love this song. make me laugh when i “that kind of day” . she does a great job singing it if only i can find her cd i would be set

  10. I like some of the lyrics but i am not crazy about the song. Her voice is very croaky at the “flip the bird” part. She way overdoes the performance. She can’t keep up with the song. She has to basically yell to keep up. So I don’t like it but the lyrics are pretty good. I would give her a C.

  11. At first I didn’t care for the vocals, but loved the lyrics (a girl can really relate to “That kind of day”) But after hearing a couple more times, I can stand the voice. I think this song is unique and not overdone. It gives the song personality and sounds like she had a fun time recording it. It changes the pace of the old boring depressing songs. I love it, I’m upset because I can’t find the song anywhere. Also I agree with you Byter about the record companies giving us a peek of these new artists and not giving us any release to buy the song. I also Love Ashley Monroe and wish she could be put into the spotlight more. I Love Carrie Underwood, but would like to see the radio give more recognition to others, that are just as good, if not better.

  12. I have been trying to find this song and I love it! It’s not meant to be awesome vocals, it’s meant to be fun, and it is that! I so relate to it!

  13. You are crazy if you think it is anything less than an A+. Everyone that I have talked to says they think she is a great singer. I also think she ia great in consert.

  14. I too think this is a great song…everyone has their own tastes, but I think the more personal touch in this song is wonderful.

  15. well the record company finally realesead something. YOu can now download it on Itunes and probably other sites too but I use I tunes. It’s only five songs but they’re all good. It includes American Daughters (My favorite song), That Kind Of Day, Innosence, Love Is A Trip, and Stupid Boy.

  16. I absolutely Love this song from the bottem of my heart.The first time I
    heard this song it felt like it was talking about me.

  17. I know you bloaks n’ chicks don’t really want the opinion of a young British musician, but I’ve played alot of Country/Western pubs around the US, and this song is one that everyone around the “Bible Belt” wished we knew. Sarah’s young and talented vocals, as well as the feel she gives this song in particular is exactly what the pop culture of America needs to hear. I’m sorry, but the believablility of this song is there, and it’s great listening… but opinions are like arseholes- everyone has them, and mine can stink just as bad as the next bloaks.

  18. I think Sarah has an oustanding voice, but it is not fully showcased on this song. I liked it the first (and only) time that I heard it on the radio, but after a few more listens, I decided it was just too overdone. This review is dead-on accurate.

    @MCDF Edwards
    I am a resident of the “Bible Belt,” I welcome the opinions of a British musician. Even though country music is distinctly American, I think it’s wonderful that the joys of country music have touched our friends across the pond.

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