Review: Pat Green, “Dixie Lullaby”

Pat Green, “Dixie Lullaby”

Memories of childhood are specific to each individual person, yet somehow the more specific they’re described in song, the more universal they feel when listening to them.

Green’s romanticizing of his own childhood culminates in a eulogy for his father that is all the more heartbreaking because of his rough delivery. I loved every second of it.

Grade: A

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  1. I’m a huge Pat Green fan to begin with. But, “Dixie Lullaby” is my favorite. It always brings fond memories of my grandfather…and tears to my eyes.

  2. I’m not a big Pat Green fan, I think too many of his songs sound the same, However this song made me go out and buy his new cd, It’s a great song that should be getting more air time than it’s getting. A

  3. I LOVE this song!!! He’s an awesome singer and I love his choice of songs to sing. Family men sell in country. This song made me bawl like a baby the first time I heard it!!!! My two year old sister goes to sleep by that song!! It’ll be a classic forever!!!!!!!

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