Little Big Town, “A Little More You”

Little Big Town, “A Little More You”

Their last pair of singles have been weighed down by a muddy production, but “A Little More You” sounds much cleaner, and the harmonies are given a chance to really shine.

The song itself is conventional radio filler, but there’s no shame in that. It sounds good when you play it loud.

Grade: B

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  1. I would love to know what you mean by “muddy”

    Better yet, don’t even answer……….I don’t think I’LL WASTE anymore time on this site.

    Readers………go somewhere else for your reviews… something about this site is not right…..someone is jaded or something!

  2. I enjoy the smooth sounding style of the song and Little Big Town sound very good in the song. I love the vocal performance and the lyrics are good too. But a little boring. I give it a B+

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