Review: Little Texas, “Missing Years”

Little Texas, “Missing Years”

Starts off promising, until the chorus hits and it becomes a painfully obvious retread of Tim McGraw’s “Everywhere.” Young guy leaves small town, then we get a geographical tour of where he goes from there. You know, places that all end in “a” so the rhyming scheme is easy.

I assume there are some core members of the band from their heyday, but I don’t recognize the lead singer and quite frankly, the harmonies don’t even sound like the Little Texas sound I remember. Then again, it wasn’t that memorable a sound in the first place, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Grade: C-

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  1. I agree with your review completely; they were only a wanna-be pop band. How can we ever “miss” them if they won’t go away?


    a Merle Haggard fan

  2. Yeh, three grammys to your none doesn’t make them have a memorable sound huh! Just more talent than YOU!!! By the way, they all ARE original members. If you would check your facts before you publish a review like your some authority) you would know. Have a nice day!

  3. Kevin, I really disagree with your comment about Little Texas not being “memorable.” Songs like “My Love” and “What Might Have Been” sound like nothing else before them or after, and they are songs that are going to be a mainstay of the country format for as long as the format exists.

  4. Honestly, Jim, I’d forgotten those songs until you just mentioned them. I remember Billboard reviewing “My Love” when it came out as a single, and giving it poor marks but noting that you wouldn’t forget the title, since it’s repeated over and over again. As for “What Might Have Been”, I remember a video with elderly people in it who lost track of each other during WWII, but the song itself is a blur.

    Other than the two you mentioned, I can remember some random titles (“God Blessed Texas”, “Amy’s Back in Austin”) but the songs themselves, not so much. I just remember them always having this watered-down Eagles thing going on, with the songs trodding along and all sounding interchangeable. Compared to some of the other big bands of the time – Mavericks, Sawyer Brown, Diamond Rio, Tractors, even BlackHawk – they seemed so bland and boring.

  5. i think alot of negative reviews come from jealousy and bitterness


    good luck with that guys my best wishes


  6. You really should get a copy of “What Might Have Been” … it’s a great, great song.

    I think that the lead singer used to be a guitarist for the group (Porter Howell or something like that), since Tim Rushlow and Brady Seals have moved to other bands.

  7. sorry to say this, but the co. i work for here in nashville recieved a copy of this earlier this week, and it….isn’t very good.
    porter can’t sing and their songwriting was all brady seals. brady, on his own, ain’t cutting it. little texas, without brady (or tim) are a band that are stuck in the 90s, where they belong, with thier 3 or 4 hits.
    there was a line in “texas 101” about “kill someone you’re gonna fry/in willie’s bus, you’ll get high” … or something to that effect, and the few of us that were previewing it just shook our heads and thought…THIS IS IT?

    stick a fork in ’em – they’ve been done for years.

  8. Give them credit for coming back, but they’ll need stronger material if they want to re-establish themselves. “Missing Years” is good, and “Knees” hits the Lonestar power ballad nerve, but these guys are more a curiosity item in 2007 than real contenders.

  9. Kevin, people have different tastes–I know a lot of folks who think Garth was an over-hyped hack. To each his own. As it stands, LT is one of the most recurring acts of the era. Not saying that’s a good or a bad thing, but it’s a true thing.

  10. Michelle, you need to go back and look at the writing credits on lt’s albums.The earlier singles were all porter and dwayne, you know the ones that broke the band, and set up the later hits. none of which, except for amy’s back in austin, was written by brady alone, (oh wait, stephen allen davis was on that one too.)porter or porter and dwayne were on the ones brady wrote “alone”.As far as them being done, maybe you should take a gander at their tour dates. looks like they are busy this summer. Is brady? or tim?Lt had three or four hits THAT ARE STILL BEING PLAYED NOW. they had fifteen or so top tens in the day and sold over four million albums! Get it together babe!

  11. All of your negative criticism is a joke.
    Please tell us what YOU do for a living? How good are YOU at what YOU do?
    Are you at the top of YOUR profession so that people you don’t know talk about you?
    Do people talk about YOU on the internet? What they say about YOU?
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    What is your educational and professional background?
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    Get a life!

  12. Steve McMillan. Who are you? Let talk about what YOU can do. Please tell us about your background. Give us a link to your myspace website so we can see how talented YOU are.

    Michelle, what company do YOU work for? What do YOU do? How good are YOU at your JOB? YOU got strangers talking about YOU on the internet? Come on. Tell us HOW good are YOU? Come on…. give it up. Give us your resume so we can know why we should listen to YOU.

    KEVIN: you seem to know it all. You are sooooooooo GREAT. Please provide us with your educational background (including each institution you have received a degree from and your GPA). How many songs have YOU had on the billboard charts? Please tell us. List them for us. I’m sure you must be better than the Beatles or Sting. Please tell us what makes YOUR statements so worthy. We are waiting.

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