Review: Rodney Carrington, “Show Them to Me”

Rodney Carrington, “Show Them to Me”

This could’ve been an absolute train wreck, since it’s just a comedian running down euphemisms for breasts as he implores the woman to “show them to me.”   However,  it’s pretty darn funny, with only one “fun bag” reference falling flat and the rest of them delivering.

What I love about the single is that it also doubles as a satire of every self-important “message” country song that has saturated the airwaves in recent years.   His vocal is anything but tongue-in-cheek; you’d think he really was singing about world peace.   Even better, the choir that shows up in the second chorus sounds borrowed from Martina McBride’s “A Broken Wing”, adding an extra dose of self-importance.     By the end, he’s wrapping it in the American flag and the faux patriotism that saturated the genre back when it seemed the best way to sell records:  “If you love your country, then show them to me.”

I was tempted to give it a Double D for a grade, but I’ll stick to the scale I use for the rest of the singles.

Grade: A-

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  1. I just saw Rodney in concert a few weeks ago, and he did this song to a roaring applause by the crowd. You’ve got to give the man this: He can totally bring out the thirteen year old in all of us, and make us glad he did. I’m really glad that Rodney got back in the studio and gave us some fresh laughs. Just remember this; you’ll enjoy this song more if you take a page from Rodney’s own school of though – don’t take him any more seriously than he does, and that ain’t much! Great song!

  2. I saw Rodney last night in Jacksonville Fl. He was on for exactly 35 minutes. Everyone could not beleive it. HE just didnt give any kind of performance. Not only did my husband and I spend 140.00 for the tickets and 2 drinks , then drove 2 hours to see him, but we got NO show. I would not waste my time or money to see him!

  3. We, too, were at the April 4th show in Jax, FL and were very, very disappointed. We had front row, orchestra pit seats, so we could hear everything that Rodney heard…and it wasn’t THAT bad. While the small portion of the show he did do was very funny, we will not buy tickets to see him again…ever. It was just too disappointing!

  4. Thief! Rodney should be embarrassed at this sham of a show. He will never get another dollar of mine, The whole audience was stunned when they turned on the lights after 30+ minutes. I guess the joke was on Jacksonville and the ticket buyers. Save your money, do not go see this jerk.

  5. My husband and I went to the show and a few idiots ruined it for everyone. I emailed Rodney and told him he should of let all of us help throw the drunks out. The next night he performed in Orlando for an hour and 15 minutes with no idiots. Thanks Jacksonville idiots that were present or ruining it for all of us. Do us a favor and don’t breed. Here is Rodney’s statement on his website.
    On Friday, April 4 I did a show in Jacksonville, FL . I came to Jacksonville with the best of intentions, and wanted to give the fans a great show.

    However, I had to end it a bit early because some unruly fans made so much noise that I was unable to continue

    This has only happened to me one other time in over 20 years of performing. My manager and crew continually asked security to eject the offenders from the room, but security did nothing. (BTW, they were not paid by the venue that night as they did NOT do their jobs).

    I wanted to continue the show, but nobody could hear me so I had no choice but to end it. We have taken steps to insure that this will not happen again. I apologize to all of you who came and wanted to listen to me. I hope that you understand that my crew and I did everything within our power to continue the show.

  6. I was there in Jacksonville on 4/4/08 and was very disappointed but Rodney is a great comedian and I would love to see a real show but, he probably won’t come back to Jacksonville. I do enjoy your CD’s but would of liked to hear all his new stuff that isn’t on there. I could hear him fine but i was right in the middle on the ninth row I called at like 10am the moring the tickets came up for sell. I just wish i could of got my $100.00 worth.

  7. We were very disappointed when the show ended the way it did. I know you say in your comment that no one could hear, but we could. We certainly don’t feel like we got our monies worth. It’s ashame that one or two bad apples ruined the whole bunch. We were there with special family members and had made special arrangements for them to be there and this was their first time seeing you, I wish it could have been under better circumstances. We have seen you before and thoroughly enjoyed it then.

  8. screw all these people rodney! your show’s kick ass if there 5 min or 2 hours, it does’nt matter your still the funniest s.o.b. out there.

  9. I agree wth Chris,It doesn’t matter how many minutes Rodney was on,He still is funny as hell.It wasn’t his fault that a couple idiots ruined the show for everyone else.What was he supposed to do?He couldn’t do his show,and securities job too.You got my money when you come back to this area Rodney.Thanks for the great show you did in French Lick,on Nov-13-2010

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