Review: Chris Young, “You’re Gonna Love Me”

Chris Young, “You’re Gonna Love Me”

What’s this? Could it really be? Is this…country music? From a new artist who isn’t a wanna-be southern rocker, or an aging pop star, or an American Idol castaway?

Amen, brothers and sisters! This guy has cut his teeth on Randy Travis and George Strait, and owns the best lower register of a new country star since Josh Turner.

The song is solid, the performance is strong and you took off every track needed to make it suitable for Adult Top 40, you’d be left with three minutes of silence. Good country music from a young new singer. There’s hope for this genre yet.

Grade: A-

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  1. Uh, wasn’t he the winner of Nasvhille Star, which makes it just as bad if not worse than AI castaways? Or is it a different Chris Young. I thought Eric Church & Taylor Swift from 2006 were 2 good non-reality affiliated artists, but you are right, we are definitely in a “dry spell” for this genre now.

  2. Key correction: “I thought Eric Church & Taylor Swift from 2006 were 2 good non-reality affiliated NEW artists…”

  3. I think if you’re going on Nashville Star, you’re clearly interested in being a country star. In the wake of Carrie Underwood’s deserving success, though, any Idol veteran can now get a Music Row deal, and it’s getting ridiculous. Carmen Rasmusen has an album coming out this year. That’s a Season 2 sixth-placer. There’s just been so many of them, plus so many southern-rock types lately, and artists coming over from other genres, that it actually startled me to hear something clearly country.

  4. Heh, fair enough Kevin. I though Bucky Covington was going too far, but the Carmen Rasmusen thing just blew my mind.

  5. And considering that Eric Church is a Southern rocker and Taylor Swift is a teenpopper dressed up as a country star, I guess my two counterexamples are not counterexamples at all.

  6. that Bucky Covington song isn’t bad at all! I mean, the conceit of the song, that kids today have it so much easier than we did/we had to make our own fun, is pretty tired I admit, but the words are still pretty funny, especially “our cribs were covered in lead based paint.”

    I really need to check out this Chris Young cat apparently. I keep hearing good things and then forgetting to look him up.

  7. Josh, I wasn’t disparaging the Covington song (which, in fact, I’ve never heard) just point out how amazed I was that he was offerred a record deal at all. If not for Carrie U. no way that would have happened.

  8. i have been to see chris two times. once in virginia beach and once in pa. and i’ll tell you now if i could afford it i would go to at least one show a month. he is a true artist and he gets better and better every time i see him. and he is very thankful for the chance he has been given. he truely deserves it. i can’ wait until july when i will go see him in west virginia. do yourselves a favor and go see him live first chance you get. you won’t be sorry

  9. I disagree with the comment that Carrie led the way for Idol country artists. Way before her Josh Gracin was offered and made it with a deal and he placed fourth in his season. I disagree greatly that it is Carrie who led the way, although she is a very deserving and absolutely talented artist.

    Any country fan should know that especially in this genre that if you arn’t an absolutely talented and deserving artist no reality show will make a difference. And besides Who is there, Josh, Bucky, Carrie and Killie, any other idol hasn’t even broken the skin of fame in there attempt to stardom.

    Take it easy on the Idols, the only difference between them and any other artist is that we knew them from a talent show before radio. isn’t that how everyone gets their exposure?

    As far as Chris’s song, yes it is the same Young from Nashville Star which shows just how much talent comes out of these reality shows. You don’t like it, turn off the radio. This genre is far from dry, it is getting so much better with different variaties whereas other genres lack the creativity and styles and originality this music contains. Only those who truely know what they are doing can be a country singer!

  10. I completely agree with the rating of this. Chris has made this song his own and it deserves airplay. It is an upliftiing love song with wonderful vocals supporting it.
    Love this song and the guy singing it! Chris will have a long career in country music.

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