Review: Clay Walker, “Fall”

Clay Walker, “Fall”

Clay Walker was the mid-nineties radio king when it came to sappy romantic songs, taking over for Doug Stone when his stock fell.   Sap like “Rumor Has It”, “Watch This”, “Hypnotize the Moon” and the like.    So I always get nervous when I hear him kick off a romantic ballad.

But what’s different about Walker these days is that he’s quite a bit older, and a better singer to boot.  So “Fall” comes off as sincere rather than cloying, as his vocal is so much more believable.   He sounds like a husband trying to support an overwhelmed wife, rather than an earnest kid trying to charm a girl’s pants off.   This is another good single from an artist who has fully come into his own.

Grade: B+

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  1. omgoosshh!! Clay Walker has been my favorite country singer ever scince i was 3! He is and in my oppinion will always be the best looking&&most talented country singer in history!!!

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