Review: Keith Anderson, “Sunday Morning in America”

Keith Anderson, “Sunday Morning in America”

Remember that Craig Morgan hit “That’s What I Love About Sunday”?  How about the Johnny Cash classic “Sunday Morning Coming Down”?  Two completely different portraits of the Lord’s day from two completely different perspectives.   This new Anderson single has both those outlooks and then some, imagining what the morning is like for everybody from a mother who takes the Lord’s name in vain while looking for a church parking space, to a homeless man being ignored by the joggers that run by him.    It’s patriotic without being pandering, and captures a wide swath of the American experience.     It’s pretty darn good.

Grade: B+

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  1. Not bad, son, not bad at all. Nice to see a new artist like Keith taking a few chances and tackling new types of material. (and I know that he’s not really “new” but, hey, Gary Allan slammed out four albums and then won a Horizon Award.) Strong vocals lead the track, and I think that the backgrounds are a little much if anything. This is a real reflection of America now, as opposed to the classic themes that too much country repeats over and over. I applaude Keith for leading off the new album with this release, and I hope the album is a good compliment to this well written, well delivered piece.

  2. Keith’s first cd wasn’t my favorite one ever, but it certainly showed that he has potential. XXL, and Pickin’ Wildflowers were throw away songs that won’t be remembered a few years down the road. Keith reallyshowed what he can do when He put out Everytime I Hear Your Name, and Podunk both of which were ammazing singles. For his second album I was expecting the lable to realease something more along the lines of Pickin’ Wildflowers, but this song came as a big surprise to me. It will be only a minor hit but it is so far on eof the best songs he recorded. Hope the next album follows suit and surprises me with greatness. A-

  3. I like this song and the different aspects of life that it covers. However, musically, I find the chorus a bit abrasive and almost like it’s part of a completely different song. I think Keith is a great songwriter though and he’ll continue to put out solid tunes.

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