Martina McBride, “How I Feel”

Martina McBride, “How I Feel”

This is the most generic love song I’ve heard in a long, long time.   She sings it beautifully, and with more restraint that she’s been known for recently.   It’s just not a very interesting song.   The best part of the record are the Beatlesque strings towards the end.

Grade: B-

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  1. I have been a huge Fan of Martina Mcbride’s for 6 years now and wow has she got a voice! The best voice ever Infact… This song How I Feel her voice is just so amazing but I honestly dont like the lyrics to it it’s okay let me say that It really doesnt make any sence to me. That Martina could have written a better song! It is a Catchy song I do like the Strings in the music I love her new Smash Hit song “Anyway” that song is amazing! A+ For “Anyway” and the Album a B- But Martina this music is filled with Hope and I do like How I feel, and Loveland, mostly all of them! I hope you keep giving such wanderful songs to listen to you are a true artist! But we need you to be the queen of the charts again & I really do hope that happens soon go back to #1 Because you are #1 love ya Martina! ~Marlord Brown~

  2. I agree with Sally, how can the song not make sense. The singer is basically telling someone she loves that he makes her feel the same way some of the best things in life would make her feel. It basically a really impressive love song relating love to so many awsome things such as the CD’s name sake, “waking up laughing just because”.

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