Joe Nichols, “Another Side of You”

Joe Nichols, “Another Side of You”

Nichols is the perfect singer for material like this. The song manages to sing of loving a woman’s weaknesses without condescension and of her daily challenges with quite a tinge of sympathy. The emphasis is more on how overwhelmed the woman is and how the man can’t believe she gets it all done, so the lines about her burning the coffee and waking up in a pissy mood don’t have that “I love my little idiot” tone that’s been around since Bobby Goldsboro’s “Honey.” It’s a great song for Mother’s Day, come to think of it. Good stuff.

Grade: B+

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  1. hey this is the songs we know joe likes to sing way to go joe thanks for recording something that says our life as good as it gets we sometimes dont see our other halves love for us because of all our hectic lives lynn

  2. “Another side of you” will be another hit for Joe. This guy can really sing and has an excellent choice of material.

  3. Who wrote these lyrics? Excellent

    When you rolled out of bed and stomped your toe, and I heard you almost cuss
    And I fought back the urge to laugh, just listen to you fuss
    Then you overdid the coffee, couldn’t get your hair just right
    When I smiled and said good morning, you looked mad enough to fight

    Well that’s another side of you, That I’m in a love with too

    Yeah that mini van is a far cry from the sports car in your dreams
    and that dead end job is pushin back vacation more it seems
    you got soccer at 4:30, and ballet class by 5:00
    And I call you talkin’ flirty, you ask have I lost my mind

    Well that’s another side of you, that I’m in love with too

    When you lay down in my arms, let go of all that stress
    whisper honey I love you, with your head on my chest
    when the world’s strongest woman is my lady, when the day is through
    Well that’s another side of you, that I’m in love with too

    If I had to do the things you do, well I’d just lose my mind
    somehow you get’em fed and bathed and settle down by nine
    and I hear you down the hallway, as you’re layin’ down to sleep
    and pray the good lord watches over them for you and me

    Well that’s another side of you, that I’m in love with too
    Well that’s another side of you, that I’m in love with too

  4. the lyrics are all correct accept for the part that says “and pray the good lord watches over them FOR you and me” … the correct verse is “and pray the good lord watches over them AND you and me”

  5. i love this song it reminds me of myself im a divorced mother with 2 teenagers, and i do all the running around back and fourth to school, to dr visits and everything in between, and i manage to just keep going along with holding down a 6 day a week job. great song, great singer, great artist, best song i have heard in a long while. it cheers me up. the only sad part of it is that i dont have anyone to hold me so i can relieve my stress too. i dont think anyone but Joe Nichols could have sung this song any better, thumbs up………… keep the good work up

  6. omg! i love this song it’s the sweetest song ever it reminds me of alot of stuff thats happened in my life i love it hope it makes it to number 1 on the countdowns love his voice thumbs up can’t wait till i get the cd! love ya joe

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